thick aluminum plate welding guide

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by Brian.Lin, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Dear Sir,

    is there any document and data to talk about the thick aluminum plate(up 20mm) welding procedure expercially pre and post weld heat treatment.
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    Welding procedures are usually developed by the yard along with Class.

    Typically the welding foreman will establish the correct prep details (if the yard has none) and then the correct thickness of filler wire. Then using established amps and voltage, for that thickness, as a first hit guide along with wire feed speed and gas speed, find the most suitable for each for the weld that produces consistent results and passes Class requirements. For thick ally you would also be using helishield gas too not pure argon.

    There is no book of "do this and that"...only general guidelines, since it is specific to the skill/experience of the welder as well as what type of welding set is being used. Is it a basic push pull or a full blown synergic type.

    Thus the yard need to investigate and develop their own sequence that is appropriate for them and the equipment at hand.

    There was an article in Oct/Nov 2014 edition of Proboat Magazine that touched upon these issues.
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