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    I am pursuing MS ocean engineering with specialization in naval architecture at Florida institute of technology.

    can you suggest suggest companies/firms which might take me as an intern for next semester for my thesis? I will be doing my thesis on motion predictions for multihull high speed vessels.I am also willing to work on any current projects that has been taken at the company/firm which are similar in nature. Recently, I presented my paper at FAST 2015 conference held in Washington DC,I will also be presenting one more paper at WMTC conference to be held in Rhode islands later this year.

    I see this as a win–win initiative for both me and the company .The company will benefit from fresh new ideas and an innovative solution to a pressing issue faced by your firm. I am a hard working and sincere a student. I have prior professional working experience as a production engineer intern in a drydock. As an intern, I will have an opportunity to conduct research on a real problem, translating theory into hands-on practice. At the same time, will gain valuable professional experience to kick-start my career.

    Please email me if your company/firm has any openings or you know of any companies/firms who might take me as an intern.My email ID is <removed>, I will send you my resume and my work portfolio for your review.Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to hear from some of you soon.
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