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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Maddi56, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Hello, I am going to school for interior design and I am currently beginning my senior thesis on yacht design. I want to ask for any helpful information regarding this topic, I am very interested in yacht design and would like to pursue it in the future. I love the challenge that you have to use every little bit of space within the boat. If anyone has any ideas or floor plans of yachts that I could use to begin my design that would be helpful!
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    If your looking at bigger boats check out Yacht International or Showboats International - both magazines are pretty much interior design showcases. Also google 'interior yacht design' or something similar. There are several design firms that specialize in yacht interiors. If you get a chance head down to the Ft.Lauderdale International Boat Show. You will see acres of boats and an area dedicated to design and builders. Hope that helps.
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    You will need to consider your design in a dynamic sense, not just how it looks and works when the boat is sitting still at the dock. Consider how passengers and crew will move about when the boat is pitching and rolling in heavy seas. Consider rounded corners, handholds, etc. The practical side must coexist with the glamorous.
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