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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by fritz roth, Dec 13, 2006.

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    Which is precisely why I've been enjoying taking the piss out of Fritz. If he wants his audience to take him seriously he should have the courtesy to take his audience seriously. He can do this by making his points clearly and succinctly, in a conventional, easy to read format. If he lacks the humility and decency to do this I see no reason why he shouldn't be given the finger.
    Everything he has tried to say so far could easily have been dealt with in two or three fairly short and lucid paragraphs.

    ETA: By the way Fritz, your idea about adding fillers to laminating resin was ridiculous. If you won't take my word for it take the examples of all the top boatbuilders and aerospace companies in the world. All your method would do is make laminating more difficult and decrease the inter-laminate strength.
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  2. fritz roth
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    ......... any one homo sapiens looking at this so pitifull word ........

    will shurely see faster then he can blink with his eyes >
    that one idiot is competing with the other >>>
    to confirm the mass of idiots !

    trying soooo hard to stay idiots ..........

    just take your computer > it will have a 3 ghz clock
    for nothing but using too much power !
    for creating a climatic collaps .......

    like 500 watts instead of 5 !

    and of cource > being able to run the biggest idiot operation system >
    this world has ever come up with >

    >>> windows vista !

    so ... as soon as some one comes along ..........

    who is not an idiot > he will be defamed >
    till he knows for shure >
    that this population is just all idiots .......

    to prove this to the not to be prove to any thing !

    >>> I have heard no valid arguments >
    what so ever here >
    just idiots trying to to stay to be cherished idiots !

    like " a raptor is a brilliant idea "
    ( straight out off the last century )

    and the new century version is " cxxxx " !

    and no one should be talking now of me using foul language
    because it wasnt me who started this ..........

    it all !

    I was just the human
    trying to help this poor population
    up out of their stone age mentality >

    but there will be no chance at that >

    just think of what bill gates would be doing
    with all the population being as inteligent as I am .........

    creating a 5mb windows 75' ?

    ps >

    even sp has mentioned the possibility
    of adding glas bubbles to their epoxy system
    when filling in cloth .........

    and sp is one of the most advanced companies
    in the field of structural fiber systems !

    and if you can ever see the light for one second >
    you can make a gf board >>> floating on water >
    being stronger then any thing else ......

    or make your self a patty lighter then spruce !

    all you need is the right bubbles
    some being big
    more being medium in size
    and the most small !

    and all of them > smooth < at the surface
    almost like your window pane so they will not use up the liquid !

    but just make the mixure very lite
    and fluid !

    >>> and very strong because of all the glas bubbles >
    like egg shells ..........

    and of cource the bubbles have to be thin walled
    meaning very lite ..........


  3. fritz roth
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    fritz roth Junior Member



    ....... for all the confirmation >

    of all I ever said !

    and especially for my social science thesis ........

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