The September 2014 issue of Westlawn’s free online journal is posted

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    The September 2014 issue of Westlawn Institute's free online journal, The Masthead, is now posted.

    Highlights in this edition:
    • First to Fly, The Development of the Planing Boat
    • IBEX 2014 - Tampa Florida
    • On the Drawing Board - Dibley’s 45’ R/C Yacht
    • Martin's Yarns
    • ABYC Tech Notes - Electric Exhaust Sensor
    • Useful Acronyms
    • Know It All Answer: Speed/Length Ratio and Reynolds Number
    • Know It All Question: Missing Bulwark-Frame Feature
    • Cutting Costs for Students
    • News & Views
    • Masthead Archives
    • Westlawn Information


    The First to Fly, Or How We Learned to Plane
    By Dave Gerr
    Today, everybody does it. Does what? Well fly, or at least plane. Ocean-going sportfishermen, outboard-powered skiffs, all varnished runabouts, police patrol boats, fast ferries and high-speed fishermen all hoist themselves, virtually by their own bootstraps, and skim over the surface of the waves. But who did it first, when, and how?

    This is an interesting question, and one that has, oddly, more than one answer. You see, there were a veritable passel of gadgeteers boatbuilders, and designers (here and in Europe) trying to make boats go faster.

    Electric Engine Exhaust? What's up With This?
    By Ed Sherman
    Question: Say, you've been digging around in an engine room and you noticed something that seems weird on the engine's muffler. You can see in the photo that the muffler is the black cylinder in the lower left side of the picture. It has what looks like an engine-sending unit screwed into the muffler with two wires coming out of it. The engine is a diesel so it's not part of an emission control system What is this and what does it do. (Read this article and find out.)

    A 45' R/C Yacht On The Drawing Board
    By Kevin Dibley, DMG Ltd
    The Dibley 45 is designed as an entry level racing yacht that can be built and sailed competitively an affordable price

    Every area of this design has been simplified to make competitive sailing enjoyable and rewarding. All systems are on top of deck, and equipment kept to a minimum. This is the perfect set up for those looking to compete in local races with good friends and crew mates. (refer above). With that said, Dibley Marine can modify the deck plan to suit those looking for top end racing in international regattas or offshore races where more controls and systems are in place for faster tuning and maneuvers.

    Read the complete articles and more in this issue.
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    Dave Gerr, CEng FRINA
    Director, Westlawn Institute
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    Thanks Dave!
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