The roll acceleration: What´s the best for crossing oceans?

Discussion in 'Stability' started by Antonio Alcalá, Dec 18, 2007.

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    Antonio Alcalá Ocean Yachtmaster

    Ancients models have a low roll acceleration ( <0.06) and newest racing models don´t have a pretty number ( Between 0.1-0.2). Better a seasickness
    and be faster or better a great stomach and be slower?

    Comments guys?

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    Fanie Fanie

    A sea sick MD !! :D Te-he... doc, I thought you would have a cure for that ;)

    The low roll accelleration may be due to very heavy ancient boats. Newer technology boats are much lighter and should respond faster.

    As far as I know any boat becomes more unpleasant to be aboard the faster it goes, it becomes worse if the water becomes unfriendly. The only way to travel on water is to adjust speed to where it becomes comfortable or bearable enough for the conditions.

    I have never been seasick, on many boats (power) However I was on a 'houseboat' once and this thing didn't move right on the water. Didn't get seasick but felt very uncomfortable. So I guess the boat's sensitivity of movement could also play a role.
  3. Antonio Alcalá
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    Antonio Alcalá Ocean Yachtmaster

    The cure is staying onshore, but it´s rather bored Fanie.

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  4. BMcF
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    It's the period of the acceleration that matters as much or more than the amplitude. The human body is most sensitive, in terms of motion sickness incidence at around 10-second periods (0.1 Hz) ..and virtually insensitive at periods of 1-sec or thereabouts. O'Hanlon and McCauley's MSI curves define the sensitivity over the whole range.

    I've seen where a huge number of passengers got sick on a wavepiercing cat traveling at 40 knots with 'only' 0.08 gRMS acceleration (but at around 8 second period) and virtually none sick on a bouncy SES traveling the same speed but experiencing 0.16 gRMS, where the motion period is less than 1 second (>1 Hz)
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    Fanie Fanie

    I think stayong on shore is the ailment, I get sick if I stay off the water for too long... ;) Was on the water a while back... was enjoying it so much I almost forgot to fish :D Forced myself :rolleyes:

    Ok, so to prevent seasickness to some extent one can then also change direction (or speed) since at a given speed, upwind and downwind should provide different frequencies.
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    There is one only know sure cure for seasickness....
    Cling to a gum tree.
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  9. MikeJohns
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    Boats (as opposed to ships) incapacitate their crew more from vertical acceleration due to heaving and pitching than other motions.

    Ted Brewer summed up small boat comfort reasonably well with his "Comfort Factor" . Unfortunately habitability (other than interior layout) is not a great concern of many yacht designers. I think motion comfort is the main criterion for an enjoyable passage. Many experienced long distance cruisers find that comfort at sea is considerably more important than crisp noon to noon runs. This is also my own experience.
  10. Antonio Alcalá
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    Antonio Alcalá Ocean Yachtmaster

    Motion Comfort Ratio was developed by Boat Designer Ted Brewer. The formula predicts the speed of the upward and downward motion of the boat as it encounters waves and swells. The faster the motion the more uncomfortable the passengers. Thus, the formula predicts the overall comfort of a boat when it is underway. Higher values denote a more comfortable ride. As the Displacement increases the motion comfort ratio will increase. As the length and beam increases the motion comfort ratio will decrease.

    MCR = Disp / (2/3*((7/10 * LWL)+(1/3 *LOA))*Beam4/3 )

    So, as you can see below of my comment you have some types of sailboats and their motion comfort ratio after the application of that formula:

    Alberg 35 Sloop, Motion Comfort=36.48
    Alberg 37, Motion Comfort=39.3
    Allied Mistress 39, Motion Comfort=35.62
    Allied Seawind, Motion Comfort=39.69
    Allied Seawind II, Motion Comfort=36.89
    Alpa A42 (S&S), Motion Comfort=44.85
    Alpa A42 (S&S) Half-loaded, Motion Comfort=51.22
    Amel Maramu, Motion Comfort=36.05
    Amphitrite 43, Motion Comfort=37.67
    Amphitrite MS45, Motion Comfort=40.15
    Antigua, Motion Comfort=44.99
    Baba 35, Motion Comfort=41.94
    Bayfield 40, Motion Comfort=35.26
    Bolger Ataraxia, Motion Comfort=36.21
    Bolger Barnowl, Motion Comfort=37.85
    Bolger Leeboard Catboat, Motion Comfort=38.08
    Bolger Schuyt Houseboat, Motion Comfort=35.83
    Brewer Orca, Motion Comfort=45.23
    Brewer Sandingo, Motion Comfort=35.5
    Brewer Sunshine, Motion Comfort=46.05
    Brewer Thursday's Child, Motion Comfort=44.32
    Bristol 35.5, Motion Comfort=35.23
    Bristol 40, Motion Comfort=36.57
    Bristol 41.1, Motion Comfort=37.85
    Bristol 45.5, Motion Comfort=42.97
    Bristol Channel Cutter, Motion Comfort=36.89
    Brolga 33, Motion Comfort=37.36
    Buehler Archimedes, Motion Comfort=52.8
    Buehler Dragonfly 50, Motion Comfort=48.88
    Buehler Emily, Motion Comfort=37.55
    Buehler Juna, Motion Comfort=45.93
    Buginese Schooner, Motion Comfort=43.95
    CSY 37, Motion Comfort=35.57
    CSY 44, Motion Comfort=46.66
    CSY 44 Pilothouse Ketch, Motion Comfort=47.94
    CT 34, Motion Comfort=37.68
    CT 54, Motion Comfort=51.36
    CT50, Motion Comfort=50.7
    Cabo Rico 37, Motion Comfort=36.61
    Cabo Rico 38, Motion Comfort=38.96
    Cabo Rico 42, Motion Comfort=36.77
    Cabo Rico Tiburon 36, Motion Comfort=39.23
    Cal 2-46, Motion Comfort=39.72
    Cal 48, Motion Comfort=36.06
    Caliber 47LRC, Motion Comfort=38.51
    Cambria 44, Motion Comfort=35.56
    Camper Nicholson 32, Motion Comfort=43.52
    Cape Dory 36, Motion Comfort=35.5
    Cape George 31, Motion Comfort=42.16
    Cape George 34, Motion Comfort=44.69
    Cape George 36, Motion Comfort=47.54
    Chatam 330, Motion Comfort=41.76
    Cheoy Lee Clipper 36, Motion Comfort=37.41
    Cheoy Lee Clipper 42, Motion Comfort=38.59
    Cheoy Lee Offshore 31, Motion Comfort=35.45
    Cheoy Lee Offshore 50, Motion Comfort=43.51
    Cheoy Lee Robb 35 Yawl, Motion Comfort=37.77
    Cherubini 44, Motion Comfort=42.05
    Cherubini 48, Motion Comfort=41
    Chris Craft Sail Yacht 35, Motion Comfort=37.32
    Colin Archer 37 Pilot Cutter, Motion Comfort=54.67
    Columbia 38, Motion Comfort=35.01
    Columbia 40, Motion Comfort=38.29
    Columbia 41 Shoal Sloop, Motion Comfort=38.21
    Columbia 45, Motion Comfort=40.32
    Columbia 45 Sloop, Motion Comfort=35.82
    Columbia 50 (Tripp), Motion Comfort=46.64
    Columbia 56, Motion Comfort=49.97
    Columbia 56 MS, Motion Comfort=49.97
    Columbia 57, Motion Comfort=49.77
    Colvin Saugeen Witch, Motion Comfort=35.29
    Concordia Yawl, Motion Comfort=38.99
    Corbin 39, Motion Comfort=42.7
    Cornish Crabber Pilot 30, Motion Comfort=35.37
    Coronado 35 Ketch (SK), Motion Comfort=36.01
    Coronado 35 Sloop (SK), Motion Comfort=36.01
    Coronado 41, Motion Comfort=37.95
    Creala 40, Motion Comfort=39.34
    Crealock 40, Motion Comfort=37.23
    Crealock 40 Twin Stay, Motion Comfort=39.34
    Dickerson 41, Motion Comfort=37.83
    Dix Hout Bay 30, Motion Comfort=37.3
    Downeast 45 Ketch, Motion Comfort=45.4
    Dreadnought 32, Motion Comfort=47.49
    Duncanson 29, Motion Comfort=39.9
    Duncanson 40, Motion Comfort=43.71
    Endeavor 37, Motion Comfort=38.19
    Endeavour 40 Sloop, Motion Comfort=36.59
    Endeavour 43 Ketch, Motion Comfort=39.54
    Ericson 39, Motion Comfort=35.25
    Ericson 41, Motion Comfort=35.57
    FISHER 30, Motion Comfort=41.43
    Fantasia 35 MK II, Motion Comfort=50.99
    Fast Passage 39, Motion Comfort=38.72
    Folkes 39 Cutter (Steel), Motion Comfort=41.86
    Formosa 46, Motion Comfort=37.8
    Formosa 51, Motion Comfort=53.28
    Freedom 45, Motion Comfort=35.18
    Fuji 32 Ketch, Motion Comfort=35.73
    Fuji 35, Motion Comfort=40.74
    Fuji Ketch 45, Motion Comfort=43.45
    Gail Storm (Exp. Design), Motion Comfort=35.5
    Gartside Cutter 30 Ft, Motion Comfort=49.91
    Gibbons 42, Motion Comfort=35.57
    Gilbert Scarper Flo, Motion Comfort=37.77
    Giles 38, Motion Comfort=40.78
    Golden Hind 31 MKll, Motion Comfort=39.33
    Grampian Classic 31, Motion Comfort=36.13
    Gulf 32 Pilothouse, Motion Comfort=39.57
    Gulfstar 50ft Ketch, Motion Comfort=38.56
    Hallberg Rassy HR39, Motion Comfort=35.7
    Hans Christian 38, Motion Comfort=43.52
    Hans Christian 41T, Motion Comfort=46.46
    Hardin 45 Ketch, Motion Comfort=43.36
    Hartley 36, Motion Comfort=48.17
    Hartley Fijian 43 Cutter, Motion Comfort=45.16
    Heritage 35 By McCurdy & Rhodes, Motion Comfort=37.83
    Herreshoff Araminta, Motion Comfort=36.78
    Herreshoff Block Island Boat, Motion Comfort=50.35
    Herreshoff Bounty, Motion Comfort=46.24
    Herreshoff Diddikai, Motion Comfort=47.75
    Herreshoff Double-ended Sloop, Motion Comfort=40.29
    Herreshoff Joann, Motion Comfort=54.69
    Herreshoff Leeboard Ketch, Motion Comfort=41.04
    Herreshoff Lifeboat Ketch, Motion Comfort=44.19
    Herreshoff Manana, Motion Comfort=49.81
    Herreshoff Mobjack, Motion Comfort=50.33
    Herreshoff Nereia, Motion Comfort=40.23
    Herreshoff Persephone, Motion Comfort=51.95
    Herreshoff Restricted Sail Area Cruiser, Motion Comfort=38.13
    Herreshoff Santee, Motion Comfort=47.97
    Herreshoff Unicorn, Motion Comfort=51.8
    Herreshoff Wagon Box, Motion Comfort=42.98
    Herreshoff Walrus, Motion Comfort=54.75
    Hillyard 9 Ton, Motion Comfort=46.72
    Hinckley 38, Motion Comfort=37.9
    Hinckley Bermuda 40, Motion Comfort=35.57
    Hinckley Pilot 35 Sloop, Motion Comfort=36.58
    Hinckley Sou Wester 51, Sloop, Motion Comfort=44.91
    Hinckley Sou'wester 42, Yawl, Motion Comfort=36.21
    Hood No Compromise 54 (sloop), Motion Comfort=37.1
    Hout Bay 30 Gaff Cutter, Motion Comfort=37.97
    Hughes Columbia 391, Motion Comfort=38.89
    Hustu 70, Motion Comfort=49.29
    Hylas 54, Motion Comfort=38.79
    Irwin 37 Mk V, Motion Comfort=36.93
    Irwin 46 Ketch, Motion Comfort=39.53
    Irwin 52, Motion Comfort=47.6
    Irwin 65 Ketch, Motion Comfort=46.75
    Island Packet 45, Motion Comfort=35.29
    Island Packet 485, Motion Comfort=35.6
    Island Trader 36, Motion Comfort=35.16
    Islander 44, Motion Comfort=39.56
    Jason 35, Motion Comfort=35.03
    Kelly Peterson 46, Motion Comfort=38.18
    Kettenburg PCC, Motion Comfort=39.38
    Knutson 35, Motion Comfort=35.74
    Landfall 39 (Sino Amer.), Motion Comfort=42.14
    Laurent Guiles Vertue, Motion Comfort=46.91
    Lecomte Northeast 38, Motion Comfort=36.12
    Liberty 49, Motion Comfort=43.07
    Little Harbor 44, Motion Comfort=42.43
    Lord Nelson 33, Motion Comfort=35.55
    Lord Nelson 35, Motion Comfort=35.86
    Lyle Hess 32, Motion Comfort=35.26
    MacNaughton Passagemaker, Motion Comfort=42.55
    Malo 41, Motion Comfort=38.13
    Mariner 35, Motion Comfort=42.3
    Mariner 39 C-cockpit, Motion Comfort=38.46
    Mariner 40, Motion Comfort=47.22
    Mariner 47 (Cruising Version), Motion Comfort=45.55
    Mariner Ketch 36, Motion Comfort=43.44
    Mason 44, Motion Comfort=41.87
    Morgan 37OI MKII Sloop, Motion Comfort=36.84
    Morgan 45 Ketch, Motion Comfort=35.19
    Morgan 462 Sloop (1981), Motion Comfort=35.15
    Morgan 462(1979), Motion Comfort=42.04
    Morgan 512, Motion Comfort=43.82
    Nauticat 331, Motion Comfort=35.36
    Nauticat 44, Motion Comfort=43.69
    Navy 44, Motion Comfort=39.62
    New York 46 (Roberts), Motion Comfort=48.23
    Nicholson 31, Motion Comfort=38.72
    Nicholson 33, Motion Comfort=36.59
    Nicholson 35, Motion Comfort=36.14
    Norseman 447, Motion Comfort=35.61
    Ohlson 41 Steel, Motion Comfort=43.85
    Passoa 47, Motion Comfort=35.54
    Passport 47+3, Motion Comfort=37.84
    Pearson 385, Motion Comfort=37.22
    Pearson 40, Motion Comfort=35.73
    Pearson 43 (1968-72), Motion Comfort=46.38
    Pearson Invicta Mark II, Motion Comfort=40.08
    Peterson 44, Motion Comfort=37.92
    Quoddy Pilot, Motion Comfort=38.98
    Rafiki 35, Motion Comfort=36.69
    Rawson 30, Motion Comfort=40.12
    Reliance, Motion Comfort=53.47
    Rhodes Bounty II, Motion Comfort=40.8
    Rhodes Reliant, Motion Comfort=44.95
    Roberts 28 - Steel, Motion Comfort=37.66
    Roberts 35 Cutter, Motion Comfort=38.21
    Roberts 420 (cat-ketch), Motion Comfort=41.28
    Roberts 45 Pilothouse C. C., Motion Comfort=39.65
    Roberts 470, Motion Comfort=37.49
    Roberts 53 Aluminum, Motion Comfort=35.57
    Roberts 53 Steel Ketch, Motion Comfort=40.77
    Roberts 55 Cutter, Motion Comfort=48.98
    Roberts 58, Motion Comfort=42.83
    Rossiter Curlew, Motion Comfort=37.61
    Rossiter Pintail (27 F), Motion Comfort=39.97
    Rustler 36, Motion Comfort=35.88
    Sailmaster 56 MS, Motion Comfort=49.97
    Sea Trader, Motion Comfort=35.59
    Seafarer 31 Yawl, Motion Comfort=35.09
    Seafarer 34, Motion Comfort=37.08
    Seafarer 38 Ketch, Motion Comfort=37.27
    Shamrock III, Motion Comfort=52.49
    Skye 51, Motion Comfort=43.22
    Slocum 43 Cutter, Motion Comfort=37.73
    South Coast One Design (C&N), Motion Comfort=46.27
    Southern Cross 31, Motion Comfort=38.8
    Souwester 51, Motion Comfort=43.84
    Sovereign 30, Motion Comfort=43.38
    Spencer 44, Motion Comfort=39.76
    Spencer 53, Motion Comfort=35.31
    Spray 38 Centennial (Roberts), Motion Comfort=46.39
    Spray 45 Centennial (Roberts), Motion Comfort=47.35
    Stellar 53, Motion Comfort=40.71
    Stevens Custom 40, Motion Comfort=37.16
    Swallowcraft Scylla, Motion Comfort=36.87
    Swan 36, Motion Comfort=37.64
    Swan 48, Motion Comfort=42.16
    Swan 57 CB Sloop, Motion Comfort=39.42
    Tahitiana 32, Motion Comfort=49.38
    Talbot 48, Motion Comfort=48.61
    Tanton 43, Motion Comfort=38.34
    Tashiba 36, Motion Comfort=36.28
    Tashiba 40, Motion Comfort=41.25
    Tayana 37 Cutter, Motion Comfort=40.78
    Tayana 48' Deck Saloon, Motion Comfort=35.77
    Tayana 52, Motion Comfort=35.57
    Tayana 55, Motion Comfort=37.66
    Tayana V-42, Motion Comfort=43.33
    Tayana V-42 MKII, Motion Comfort=45.35
    Tayana Vancouver 460, Motion Comfort=51.33
    True North 34, Motion Comfort=45.92
    UWB 333, Motion Comfort=41.15
    Union Polaris 36, Motion Comfort=40.06
    Vagabond 39PH, Motion Comfort=42
    Vagabond 42, Motion Comfort=43.43
    Vagabond 47, Motion Comfort=48.71
    Valiant 50, Motion Comfort=37.95
    Van De Stadt 40 (1954), Motion Comfort=38.41
    Waterline 50, Motion Comfort=41.14
    Watkins 36, Motion Comfort=36.58
    Wauqiez Hood 38, Motion Comfort=38.14
    Westsail 28, Motion Comfort=41.08
    Westsail 32, Motion Comfort=43.61
    Westsail 42 Cutter, Motion Comfort=44.6
    Westsail 42 Ketch, Motion Comfort=44.6
    Willard 8-ton Cutter, Motion Comfort=40.27
    Young Sun 35, Motion Comfort=36.09
    Young Sun 43 PH, Motion Comfort=43.13
    Zinnia, Motion Comfort=48.48

    Any comments guys?

    Best winds
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    Antonio Alcalá Ocean Yachtmaster

    And these are the others sailboats, they´re made off by another form, Faster? maybe but not much comfortable. They can cross the Atlantic in a few days to East in comparison with another models, but the crew will suffer seasickness with all the probabilities with bad conditions.

    2001 Dehler 39, Motion Comfort=22.28
    2004 Dehler 34, Motion Comfort=20.81
    A13M, Motion Comfort=24.62
    Adams 13m, Motion Comfort=24.62
    Adams 31, Motion Comfort=24.16
    Aerodyne 47, Motion Comfort=25.82
    Airturbine 1967 Model 009, Motion Comfort=29.89
    Ajax 28, Motion Comfort=20.72
    Albacore 960, Motion Comfort=24.99
    Alberg 22, Motion Comfort=20.33
    Alberg 29, Motion Comfort=29.67
    Albin 85 Cumulus, Motion Comfort=25.93
    Albin Ballad, Motion Comfort=21.48
    Albin Stratus, Motion Comfort=24.85
    Albin Vega, Motion Comfort=20.12
    Alerion Express 28, Motion Comfort=21.89
    Alerion Express 37, Motion Comfort=22.1
    Allegra 24, Motion Comfort=28.54
    Allegro 27, Motion Comfort=21.84
    Allied Greenwich 24, Motion Comfort=21.54
    Allmand 31, Motion Comfort=26.84
    Allmand 31, Motion Comfort=23.63
    Allmand 35 Pilothouse (1981), Motion Comfort=28.06
    Alo 96, Motion Comfort=20.06
    Aloha 28, Motion Comfort=20.43
    Aloha 32, Motion Comfort=23.12
    Aloha 34, Motion Comfort=22.38
    Aloha 34 [198*], Motion Comfort=27.18
    Aloha 34 [Shoal], Motion Comfort=28.18
    American 8.5, Motion Comfort=23.84
    Aphrodite 101, Motion Comfort=21.71
    Apollo 12, Motion Comfort=23.94
    Archarmbault 40rc, Motion Comfort=20.56
    Arion By Sid Herreshoff, Motion Comfort=25.38
    Baltic 38DP, Motion Comfort=23.1
    Baltic 43, Motion Comfort=24.18
    Bandholm 26, Motion Comfort=28.12
    Bandholm 35, Motion Comfort=27.96
    Banner 41 Sport, Motion Comfort=22.55
    Bavaria 30, Motion Comfort=22.44
    Bavaria 31, Motion Comfort=20.19
    Bavaria 33, Motion Comfort=22.89
    Bavaria 35, Motion Comfort=26.26
    Bavaria 35 Match, Motion Comfort=23.46
    Bavaria 38, Motion Comfort=24.2
    Bavaria 38 (03) FMain, Motion Comfort=23.36
    Bavaria 40, Motion Comfort=22.92
    Bavaria 42 (Aft-Furling), Motion Comfort=23.7
    Bavaria 47, Motion Comfort=25.65
    Bavaria Ocean 42 (CC Furling), Motion Comfort=26.41
    Bavaria Ocean 42 (CC), Motion Comfort=26.41
    Bayfield 25 Modified +1200#+20%sa, Motion Comfort=21.25
    Bayfield 29C 1981, Motion Comfort=20.75
    Bayfield 32, Motion Comfort=24.83
    Bayfield 32c, Motion Comfort=25.96
    Bayliner Buccaneer 240, Motion Comfort=20.21
    Bayliner Buccaneer 27, Motion Comfort=25.56
    Beneteau 321, Motion Comfort=21.46
    Beneteau 331, Motion Comfort=21.46
    Beneteau 343, Motion Comfort=22.78
    Beneteau 36.7, Motion Comfort=23.61
    Beneteau 361, Motion Comfort=20.51
    Beneteau 373, Motion Comfort=23.07
    Beneteau 393, Motion Comfort=23.8
    Beneteau 411, Motion Comfort=22.92
    Beneteau 423, Motion Comfort=24.65
    Beneteau 42CC, Motion Comfort=26.07
    Beneteau 42s 7, Motion Comfort=22.78
    Beneteau 45f5 (tall Rig), Motion Comfort=26.09
    Beneteau 47.7, Motion Comfort=24.78
    Beneteau 473, Motion Comfort=24.34
    Beneteau 473 IJPE SA, Motion Comfort=24.34
    Beneteau First 30, Motion Comfort=21.6
    Beneteau First 32s5, Motion Comfort=22.72
    Beneteau First 33.6 Deep Keel, Motion Comfort=22.19
    Beneteau First 337, Motion Comfort=22.19
    Beneteau First 345, Motion Comfort=28.4
    Beneteau First 35s5, Motion Comfort=21
    Beneteau First 36.7, Motion Comfort=23.98
    Beneteau First 38, Motion Comfort=24.07
    Beneteau First 40.7, Motion Comfort=22.92
    Beneteau First 405(1986), Motion Comfort=29.29
    Beneteau First 41S5, Motion Comfort=22.75
    Beneteau First 42, Motion Comfort=23.79
    Beneteau First 42 TM, Motion Comfort=23.94
    Beneteau First 42s7 (std Rig), Motion Comfort=23.11
    Beneteau First 44.7, Motion Comfort=27.51
    Beneteau First 44.7 (corrected), Motion Comfort=27.25
    Beneteau Idylle 11.50, Motion Comfort=25.92
    Beneteau Oceanis 320, Motion Comfort=22.22
    Beneteau Oceanis 350, Motion Comfort=20.83
    Beneteau Oceanis 36 CC, Motion Comfort=21.7
    Beneteau Oceanis 361, Motion Comfort=20.75
    Beneteau Oceanis 381, Motion Comfort=20.59
    Beneteau Oceanis 390, Motion Comfort=21.06
    Beneteau Oceanis 393, Motion Comfort=23.57
    Beneteau Oceanis 40 CC, Motion Comfort=25.77
    Beneteau Oceanis 400, Motion Comfort=22.55
    Beneteau Oceanis 44 CC, Motion Comfort=24.75
    Beneteau Oceanis 440, Motion Comfort=24.11
    Beneteau Oceanis 510, Motion Comfort=26.02
    Benford 26 Cutter, Motion Comfort=24.5
    Benford 34 Badger, Motion Comfort=21.97
    Benford 36 Donna, Motion Comfort=26.01
    Benford 37.5, Motion Comfort=25.65
    Bengel (lm32), Motion Comfort=27.83
    Bodega 30, Motion Comfort=26.36
    Bolger AS29 No Reacher, Motion Comfort=28.62
    Bolger AS29 With Reacher, Motion Comfort=28.62
    Bolger Blueberry, Motion Comfort=22.65
    Bolger Bright Thread, Motion Comfort=20.71
    Bolger Grandpas Pirate Ship, Motion Comfort=20.77
    Bolger Jessie Cooper, Motion Comfort=27.96
    Bolger Jochems Schooner, Motion Comfort=23.28
    Bolger Marina Cruiser, Motion Comfort=23.78
    Bolger Presto Cruiser, Motion Comfort=27.98
    Bolger Red Zinger, Motion Comfort=21.18
    Bolger Scow Schooner, Motion Comfort=26.04
    Bolger Superbrick, Motion Comfort=23.19
    Bolger Volunteer, Motion Comfort=26.99
    Bolger Whalewatcher, Motion Comfort=26.54
    Brewer Cape Cod Catboat, Motion Comfort=20.41
    Brewer Morgane Le Fay, Motion Comfort=28.84
    Brewer Murray 33, Motion Comfort=29.13
    Bristol 19 Corinthian, Motion Comfort=21.58
    Bristol 24/Sailstar Corsair, Motion Comfort=28.39
    Bristol 26 (CB), Motion Comfort=23.75
    Bristol 26 (keel), Motion Comfort=23.75
    Bristol 27, Motion Comfort=28.87
    Bristol 27.7, Motion Comfort=20.89
    Bristol 29 (1968 ), Motion Comfort=28.42
    Bristol 29.9, Motion Comfort=23.36
    Bristol 30, Motion Comfort=27.07
    Bristol 31.1, Motion Comfort=29.28
    Bristol 33, Motion Comfort=28.3
    Bristol 34, Motion Comfort=27.2
    Buccaneer 335, Motion Comfort=21.93
    Bumerang 32, Motion Comfort=24.73
    C & C 33 Mk II, Keel/Centreboard, Motion Comfort=25.43
    C& C 33-2, Motion Comfort=22.17
    C&C 121 Cruise Ed. Shoal Dr., Motion Comfort=25.72
    C&C 121 Cruise Edition Shoal Draft, Motion Comfort=25.72
    C&C 29 MKII, Motion Comfort=21.49
    C&C 30 1989, Motion Comfort=20.1
    C&C 30 Mega, Motion Comfort=26.31
    C&C 30 Mk I, Motion Comfort=21.7
    C&C 30 Mk II (Wing Keel), Motion Comfort=21.29
    C&C 32, Motion Comfort=25.06
    C&C 32 (1984), Motion Comfort=24.76
    C&C 33 Mark 1, Motion Comfort=23.04
    C&C 33 Mark 11, Motion Comfort=23.01
    C&C 33mk1 1986, Motion Comfort=24.75
    C&C 34, Motion Comfort=22.55
    C&C 35, Motion Comfort=22.74
    C&C 35 MK I, Motion Comfort=23.47
    C&C 35, Mk II, Motion Comfort=28.96
    C&C 35-III, Motion Comfort=22.26
    C&C 36, Motion Comfort=23.36
    C&C 37 (1985), Motion Comfort=26.68
    C&C 37+, Motion Comfort=25.35
    C&C 37R/40, Motion Comfort=23.05
    C&C 38 MK II (1976), Motion Comfort=25.76
    C&C 38 MkIII, Motion Comfort=22.12
    C&C 39, Motion Comfort=29.52
    C&C 40, Motion Comfort=25.9
    C&C 40 C/B, Motion Comfort=27.64
    C&C 41, Motion Comfort=26.74
    C&C Corvette, Motion Comfort=28.01
    C&C Frigate 36, Motion Comfort=28.92
    C&C Landfall 35, Motion Comfort=29.17
    C&C Landfall 38, Motion Comfort=27.29
    C&C Redwing 30, Motion Comfort=26.02
    C&amp; C 33-2, Motion Comfort=22.17
    CF 37, Motion Comfort=21.77
    CR 310, Motion Comfort=23.47
    CS 27 (Shoal), Motion Comfort=20.49
    CS 30, Motion Comfort=20.63
    CS 33, Motion Comfort=22.85
    CS 34, Motion Comfort=21.78
    CS 36M, Motion Comfort=24.29
    CS 40, Motion Comfort=25.56
    CS36T (deep Keel), Motion Comfort=29.23
    CS36T (shoal), Motion Comfort=29.23
    Cal 2-27, Motion Comfort=22.66
    Cal 2-29, Motion Comfort=24.79
    Cal 28, Motion Comfort=20.42
    Cal 29, Motion Comfort=24.86
    Cal 3-30, Motion Comfort=25.62
    Cal 31, Motion Comfort=23.9
    Cal 33, Motion Comfort=23
    Cal 33 (shoal), Motion Comfort=23.43
    Cal 34, Motion Comfort=24.06
    Cal 35 MkII, Motion Comfort=25.91
    Cal 39, Motion Comfort=27.54
    Cal 39TM (cira 70)MK Cutter, Motion Comfort=24.92
    Cal 40, Motion Comfort=29.51
    Cal Cruising 36, Motion Comfort=28
    Cal-30, Motion Comfort=22.39
    Caliber 33, Motion Comfort=25.85
    Caliber 35, Motion Comfort=25.06
    Cape Dory 25, Motion Comfort=21.87
    Cape Dory 25D, Motion Comfort=23.67
    Cape Dory 26, Motion Comfort=23.99
    Cape Dory 270, Motion Comfort=28.63
    Cape Dory 30 MKII, Motion Comfort=26.97
    Cape Dory 300 Motorsailor, Motion Comfort=24.68
    Caribbea, Motion Comfort=22.41
    Cascade 27, Motion Comfort=23.3
    Cascade 36, Motion Comfort=29.87
    Cascade 44, Motion Comfort=28.76
    Cascade Sloop, Motion Comfort=26.98
    Catalina 27 Std Rig, Motion Comfort=24.03
    Catalina 27 Tall Rig DK OB, Motion Comfort=26.09
    Catalina 270, Motion Comfort=20.7
    Catalina 28 MkII (SR-fin Keel), Motion Comfort=22.78
    Catalina 28 MkII (SR-wing Keel), Motion Comfort=23.6
    Catalina 28 MkII (TR-fin Keel), Motion Comfort=22.78
    Catalina 28 MkII(TR-wing Keel), Motion Comfort=23.6
    Catalina 289, Motion Comfort=24.04
    Catalina 30, Motion Comfort=24.71
    Catalina 309, Motion Comfort=20.86
    Catalina 309 (wing Keel), Motion Comfort=21.71
    Catalina 30TRBS, Motion Comfort=24.97
    Catalina 310, Motion Comfort=21.85
    Catalina 320, Motion Comfort=23.17
    Catalina 34 SR/Fin, Motion Comfort=22.05
    Catalina 34 Wing Keel, Motion Comfort=23.08
    Catalina 350, Motion Comfort=21.12
    Catalina 36 MK II TR/Fin Keel, Motion Comfort=23.78
    Catalina 36 SR/Fin, Motion Comfort=23.78
    Catalina 36 Std Rig Wing, Motion Comfort=24.83
    Catalina 36 TR Wing, Motion Comfort=24.89
    Catalina 38 (S&S Design), Motion Comfort=28.08
    Catalina 400, Motion Comfort=23.61
    Catalina 400 Mk II, Motion Comfort=25.77
    Catalina 42, Motion Comfort=22.12
    Catalina 470 Wing/Std, Motion Comfort=29.09
    Centurion 36, Motion Comfort=28.42
    Challenger 32, Motion Comfort=26.28
    Challenger 41, Motion Comfort=23.1
    Chance 32/28, Motion Comfort=29.48
    Chris Craft Cherokee 32, Motion Comfort=28.2
    Chrysler 26, Motion Comfort=20.73
    Columbia 10.7, Motion Comfort=28.82
    Columbia 26, Motion Comfort=23.61
    Columbia 26 MKII Shoal Keel, Motion Comfort=25.55
    Columbia 26MKII, Motion Comfort=23.03
    Columbia 28, Motion Comfort=24.59
    Columbia 28 MKII, Motion Comfort=25.62
    Columbia 30, Motion Comfort=29.12
    Columbia 31, Motion Comfort=25.5
    Columbia 34, Motion Comfort=29.36
    Columbia 36, Motion Comfort=26.37
    Columbia 8.3, Motion Comfort=24.83
    Columbia 8.7, Motion Comfort=24.48
    Columbia 9.6, Motion Comfort=28.15
    Columbia Sabre, Motion Comfort=27.22
    Colvic Countess 33, Motion Comfort=28.74
    Com-Pac 35, Motion Comfort=22.6
    Comar Comet 1050, Motion Comfort=22.12
    Compass 29, Motion Comfort=26.11
    Compromis 34 ( C Yacht 10.40) (NL), Motion Comfort=24.82
    Compromis 36, Motion Comfort=26.82
    Compromis 999 (NL), Motion Comfort=23.66
    Contention 33, Motion Comfort=22.24
    Contessa 26, Motion Comfort=25.33
    Contessa 32, Motion Comfort=27.84
    Contest 31 HTB, Motion Comfort=26.6
    Contest 33, Motion Comfort=28.47
    Contest 36, Motion Comfort=28.59
    Cornish Crabber Piper 24, Motion Comfort=25.44
    Coronado 27, Motion Comfort=23.66
    Coronado 28, Motion Comfort=26.11
    Coronado 30, Motion Comfort=23.3
    Crown 28, Motion Comfort=22.91
    Crown 34, Motion Comfort=22.27
    Degero 28, Motion Comfort=22.17
    Degero 28 MS, Motion Comfort=22.17
    Dehler 34, Motion Comfort=20.95
    Delta 36, Motion Comfort=22.43
    Dickerson 35, Motion Comfort=27.79
    Down East Schooner, Motion Comfort=21.93
    Dufour 2800, Motion Comfort=20.21
    Dufour 31, Motion Comfort=25.76
    Dufour 35, Motion Comfort=20.25
    Dufour 36 Classic, Motion Comfort=21.97
    Dufour 365, Motion Comfort=23.78
    Dufour 38, Motion Comfort=21.65
    Dufour 385, Motion Comfort=23.59
    Dufour 39 CC, Motion Comfort=26.57
    Dufour 40, Motion Comfort=22.51
    Dufour 43 CC, Motion Comfort=22.71
    Dufour 44, Motion Comfort=25.89
    Dufour 45 Classic, Motion Comfort=27.13
    Dufour Arpege, Motion Comfort=23.83
    ELAN 340, Motion Comfort=21
    ELAN IMPRESSION 344, Motion Comfort=26.27
    Easterly 30, Motion Comfort=22.56
    Elan 333, Motion Comfort=23.1
    Elan 36, Motion Comfort=22.74
    Elan 37, Motion Comfort=24.43
    Elan 40, Motion Comfort=23.65
    Elan E36 1997, Motion Comfort=21.77
    Elan Impression 344, Motion Comfort=23.72
    Elan Impression 384, Motion Comfort=23.07
    Elite 32, Motion Comfort=21.07
    Endeavour 33, Motion Comfort=23.48
    Endeavour 35, Motion Comfort=23.28
    Ericson (Pacific Seacraft), Motion Comfort=26.59
    Ericson 25, Motion Comfort=23.66
    Ericson 27, Motion Comfort=25.61
    Ericson 28+, Motion Comfort=22.36
    Ericson 29, Motion Comfort=28.09
    Ericson 30+, Motion Comfort=22.58
    Ericson 30-1, Motion Comfort=21.91
    Ericson 31i, Motion Comfort=29.89
    Ericson 32, Motion Comfort=26.11
    Ericson 32 MKII (1986), Motion Comfort=22.61
    Ericson 32-200, Motion Comfort=22.62
    Ericson 32-Mk3, Motion Comfort=21.79
    Ericson 33, Motion Comfort=20.26
    Ericson 34, Motion Comfort=25.57
    Ericson 35 II, Motion Comfort=29.14
    Ericson 35 MKIII, Motion Comfort=25.77
    Ericson 36C, Motion Comfort=28.2
    Ericson 38 (80-83?), Motion Comfort=25.56
    Ericson 38 (very Early), Motion Comfort=24.01
    Ericson 38-200, Motion Comfort=26.59
    Ericson 381, Motion Comfort=24.7
    Etap 30, Motion Comfort=20.52
    Etap 37s, Motion Comfort=22.03
    Express 30, Motion Comfort=22.39
    Express 35, Motion Comfort=27.9
    Facil 355 XO, Motion Comfort=22.31
    Farallon 29, Motion Comfort=26.54
    Farr 1220, Motion Comfort=21.66
    Farr 37, Motion Comfort=20.87
    Feeling 36, Motion Comfort=24.15
    Folkboat, Motion Comfort=22.37
    Fortune 30, Motion Comfort=26.09
    Freedom 33, Motion Comfort=24.42
    Freedom 35, Motion Comfort=25.98
    Freedom 36, Motion Comfort=24.48
    Freedom 38, Motion Comfort=23.45
    Freedom Ph39, Motion Comfort=28.07
    Frers 38 (Carroll Marine), Motion Comfort=22.44
    Frers 38 (New Orleans Marine), Motion Comfort=21.89
    Frers 41, Motion Comfort=22.7
    Garcia CC 48, Motion Comfort=28.21
    Genzel Phantom, Motion Comfort=22.02
    Genzel Phantom 30, Motion Comfort=26.33
    Gib Sea 33, Motion Comfort=22.35
    Gib Sea 37, Motion Comfort=22.47
    Gib'Sea 41, Motion Comfort=23.5
    Glen-L 30, Motion Comfort=28.45
    Glen-L Amigo, Motion Comfort=23.44
    Glen-L Coaster, Motion Comfort=21.86
    Glen-L Delphin 36, Motion Comfort=29.06
    Glen-L Francis Drake, Motion Comfort=28.64
    Glen-L James Cook, Motion Comfort=23.51
    Gozzard 31, Motion Comfort=26.02
    Grampian 2-34, Motion Comfort=28.83
    Grampian 26, Motion Comfort=21.81
    Grampian 28, Motion Comfort=20.65
    Grampian 30, Motion Comfort=24.56
    Grand Soleil 40, Motion Comfort=21.88
    Grand Soleil 46.3, Motion Comfort=25.82
    Gulf 29, Motion Comfort=21.58
    Gulfstar 44, Motion Comfort=27.82
    HR 28, Motion Comfort=26.27
    Halcyon 27, Motion Comfort=29.59
    Hallberg Rassy 35, Motion Comfort=29.12
    Hallberg Rassy 94 Kutter, Motion Comfort=26.71
    Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35, Motion Comfort=29.2
    Hallberg-Rassy 29, Motion Comfort=25.89
    Hallberg-Rassy 31 Mk II, Motion Comfort=22.4
    Hallberg-Rassy 34, Motion Comfort=23.71
    Hallberg-Rassy 342, Motion Comfort=22.93
    Hallberg-Rassy 36, Motion Comfort=29.49
    Hallberg-Rassy 37, Motion Comfort=28.43
    Hallberg-Rassy 37, Motion Comfort=27.72
    Hallberg-Rassy HR31, Motion Comfort=21.56
    Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31, Motion Comfort=26.68
    Hallman 27, Motion Comfort=24.03
    Hanse 311, Motion Comfort=20.42
    Hanse 320, Motion Comfort=23
    Hanse 350, Motion Comfort=28.48
    Hanse 370, Motion Comfort=23.76
    Hanse 371, Motion Comfort=22.21
    Hanse 461, Motion Comfort=26.41
    Harstad 32 Motorsailor, Motion Comfort=27.7
    Helms 32, Motion Comfort=24.38
    Heritage West Indies 36, Motion Comfort=28.58
    Herreschoff H-28, Motion Comfort=23.85
    Herreshoff 45 Cat Ketch, Motion Comfort=21.34
    Herreshoff Meadow Lark, Motion Comfort=23.59
    Hoyt 28, Motion Comfort=28.35
    Hughes 38, Motion Comfort=28.14
    Hugues 29 (1972), Motion Comfort=24.43
    Hullmaster 27, Motion Comfort=25.24
    Hunter 25, Motion Comfort=21.35
    Hunter 27 (1975-1984), Motion Comfort=23.55
    Hunter 27 (2005), Motion Comfort=21.98
    Hunter 27 Shoal (1976), Motion Comfort=24.22
    Hunter 30 (early), Motion Comfort=25.39
    Hunter 30-2, Motion Comfort=22.04
    Hunter 31, Motion Comfort=22.72
    Hunter 31 (1983-7), Motion Comfort=22.21
    Hunter 320, Motion Comfort=20.5
    Hunter 33, Motion Comfort=25.64
    Hunter 33 Furling, Motion Comfort=20.08
    Hunter 33 Henderson, Motion Comfort=21.37
    Hunter 33.5, Motion Comfort=23.11
    Hunter 34 DK, Motion Comfort=23.06
    Hunter 34 SD, Motion Comfort=23.25
    Hunter 340, Motion Comfort=21.34
    Hunter 35 (bulb Wing Keel 87-89), Motion Comfort=23.03
    Hunter 35 (fin Keel 87-89), Motion Comfort=22.67
    Hunter 35.5, Motion Comfort=23.05
    Hunter 356, Motion Comfort=24.28
    Hunter 36 (1980-82), Motion Comfort=26.76
    Hunter 37 (86 89), Motion Comfort=23
    Hunter 37.5, Motion Comfort=25.09
    Hunter 376, Motion Comfort=24.84
    Hunter 38, Motion Comfort=26.24
    Hunter 380, Motion Comfort=23.57
    Hunter 40, Motion Comfort=24.97
    Hunter 40 DK, Motion Comfort=24.24
    Hunter 40.5 Bulb Wing Keel, Motion Comfort=26.23
    Hunter 41, Motion Comfort=25.57
    Hunter 410 (Deep), Motion Comfort=23.29
    Hunter 410 (Shoal), Motion Comfort=24.12
    Hunter 42, Motion Comfort=28.17
    Hunter 426, Motion Comfort=25.75
    Hunter 430, Motion Comfort=27.59
    Hunter 450, Motion Comfort=29.43
    Hunter 466, Motion Comfort=28.7
    Hunter 49, Motion Comfort=29.72
    Hunter 54, Motion Comfort=26.46
    Hunter HS470, Motion Comfort=29.09
    Hunter Legend 35 DK, Motion Comfort=22.67
    Hunter Legend 45 DK, Motion Comfort=28.11
    Hunter Mystery 35, Motion Comfort=25.98
    Hunter Passage 420, Motion Comfort=24.07
    Hunter Vision 32, Motion Comfort=23.19
    Hunter Vision 36, Motion Comfort=25.79
    Hurley 22, Motion Comfort=23.11
    Hylas 44, Motion Comfort=26.82
    Intrepid 28, Motion Comfort=22.45
    Irwin 10/4, Motion Comfort=21.03
    Irwin 28, Motion Comfort=24.28
    Irwin 30, Motion Comfort=26.52
    Irwin Citation 34, Motion Comfort=23.77
    Irwin Citation 35.5, Motion Comfort=22.27
    Irwin Mk 2, Motion Comfort=26.49
    Island Packet 27, Motion Comfort=20.61
    Island Packet 29, Motion Comfort=24.21
    Island Packet 31, Motion Comfort=21.93
    Island Packet 32, Motion Comfort=26.95
    Island Packet 320, Motion Comfort=26.93
    Island Packet 350, Motion Comfort=29.89
    Islander 28, Motion Comfort=20.93
    Islander 29 (1969), Motion Comfort=27.61
    Islander 30 Mk II, Motion Comfort=23.48
    Islander 32 (1977), Motion Comfort=23.93
    Islander 32 Mk II TR (1979), Motion Comfort=24.15
    Islander 36, Motion Comfort=27.11
    Islander 37, Motion Comfort=29.2
    Islander Bahama 30, Motion Comfort=22.45
    Islander P40, Motion Comfort=29.01
    J/110, Motion Comfort=23.63
    J/120, Motion Comfort=21.33
    J/124, Motion Comfort=20.29
    J/145, Motion Comfort=21.66
    J/28, Motion Comfort=22.25
    J/32, Motion Comfort=21.93
    J/32c, Motion Comfort=20.97
    J/37, Motion Comfort=21.51
    J/40, Motion Comfort=25.81
    J/42, Motion Comfort=29.03
    J/44, Motion Comfort=25.08
    J122, Motion Comfort=23.27
    J34c, Motion Comfort=23.78
    J35c, Motion Comfort=23.23
    Jeanneau 36i, Motion Comfort=21.3
    Jeanneau Espace 900, Motion Comfort=24.62
    Jeanneau SF37, Motion Comfort=23.13
    Jeanneau Sun Dance, Motion Comfort=23.3
    Jeanneau Sun Fast 35, Motion Comfort=21.88
    Jeanneau Sun Fast 37, Motion Comfort=23.13
    Jeanneau Sun Fast 39, Motion Comfort=21.12
    Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40, Motion Comfort=26.56
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32, Motion Comfort=22.62
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33, Motion Comfort=21.4
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 34.2, Motion Comfort=21.6
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35, Motion Comfort=21.52
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36.2, Motion Comfort=20.33
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37, Motion Comfort=21.08
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37.2, Motion Comfort=20.48
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40, Motion Comfort=25.2
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40.3, Motion Comfort=27.77
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43, Motion Comfort=24.63
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43DS, Motion Comfort=24.27
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45 Performance, Motion Comfort=24.02
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2, Motion Comfort=21.29
    Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49, Motion Comfort=27.73
    Jeanneau SunRise 34, Motion Comfort=20.51
    Jeanneau Sunkiss 45, Motion Comfort=28.06
    Joker 820, Motion Comfort=20.68
    Kalik 44, Motion Comfort=29.51
    Kenner Privateer 26, Motion Comfort=25.87
    Kettenberg 32, Motion Comfort=27.86
    Kittiwake 23, Motion Comfort=20.17
    LM Glasfiber 30, Motion Comfort=29.22
    LM Glasfiber 32, Motion Comfort=29.43
    LT36 (Andersen Lateen Sloop), Motion Comfort=27.29
    Lancer 29 Mk II, Motion Comfort=22.21
    Lancer 30, Motion Comfort=22.72
    Lapworth Gladiator, Motion Comfort=22.24
    Laurin 28, Motion Comfort=27.05
    Lippincott 30, Motion Comfort=23.11
    Long Micro, Motion Comfort=20.08
    Luders 16, Motion Comfort=24.76
    Luger Voyager 30, Motion Comfort=24.48
    MacGregor 65, Motion Comfort=28.18
    Mariner 28, Motion Comfort=23.63
    Matt Layden Paradox, Motion Comfort=24.89
    Maxi 1050, Motion Comfort=22.27
    Midget 31, Motion Comfort=23.09
    Mirage 275, Motion Comfort=20.63
    Mirage 30, Motion Comfort=20.41
    Mirage 39, Motion Comfort=24.32
    Miura 30, Motion Comfort=25.84
    Moody 33, Motion Comfort=20.89
    Moody 35, Motion Comfort=24.03
    Moody 38, Motion Comfort=29.17
    Morgan 24 1965-68 Keel-CB, Motion Comfort=21.8
    Morgan 25 (1976), Motion Comfort=21.35
    Morgan 27 MORC, Motion Comfort=21.08
    Morgan 28, Motion Comfort=25.02
    Morgan 28 OI, Motion Comfort=25.16
    Morgan 30 OI, Motion Comfort=28.93
    Morgan 30/2, Motion Comfort=21.44
    Morgan 323, Motion Comfort=24.06
    Morgan 33 OI, Motion Comfort=28.41
    Morgan 35, Motion Comfort=25.92
    Morgan 38, Motion Comfort=28.33
    Morgan 43 (N-M Design), Motion Comfort=29.9
    Morgan 44, Motion Comfort=29.64
    Morgan 45 (N-M Design), Motion Comfort=25.04
    Morgan 45 (N-M Design), Motion Comfort=27.37
    Morgan Classic 41(1987), Motion Comfort=29.46
    Morris 26, Motion Comfort=28.06
    Morris 28, Motion Comfort=27.02
    Morris 32, Motion Comfort=28.38
    Morris 34, Motion Comfort=27.15
    Morris 36, Motion Comfort=29.1
    Morris 38, Motion Comfort=28.68
    Morris 40, Motion Comfort=28.84
    Morris Leigh 30, Motion Comfort=27.27
    Mystic 10-3, Motion Comfort=22.05
    Najad 355, Motion Comfort=26.16
    Najade 900, Motion Comfort=23.32
    Najade 900a, Motion Comfort=23.29
    Nautilus 40, Motion Comfort=29.77
    New Horizon, Motion Comfort=26.83
    Newbridge Pioneer, Motion Comfort=23.75
    Newport 27, Motion Comfort=20.35
    Newport 28, Motion Comfort=20.67
    Newport 28 MKII, Motion Comfort=20.72
    Newport 30 MK II, Motion Comfort=20.2
    Newport 33, Motion Comfort=21.13
    Niagara 31, Motion Comfort=22.06
    Nimble Wanderer MS, Motion Comfort=27.75
    Nonsuch 26, Motion Comfort=22.98
    Nonsuch 30, Motion Comfort=22.46
    Nonsuch 324, Motion Comfort=22.03
    Nonsuch 36, Motion Comfort=25.72
    Nor' Sea 26 Pilot House, Motion Comfort=23.81
    Nordic 40, Motion Comfort=27.79
    Nordica 30, Motion Comfort=28.57
    Northern 25 Mk 1&2, Motion Comfort=22.19
    Northern 25 Mk 3, Motion Comfort=22.65
    Northern 29, Motion Comfort=24.51
    Northsea 34 Pilothouse, Motion Comfort=26.8
    Northshore 46, Motion Comfort=26.19
    Northwest 21, Motion Comfort=21.92
    Northwest 28, Motion Comfort=25.06
    Nova 28, Motion Comfort=21.48
    O'Day 26, Motion Comfort=20.1
    O'Day 31, Motion Comfort=24.3
    ODay 25, Motion Comfort=20.89
    ODay 25 C/B, Motion Comfort=20.87
    ODay 27, Motion Comfort=23.77
    ODay 28, Motion Comfort=20.57
    ODay 28 1979, Motion Comfort=21.18
    ODay 30, Motion Comfort=24.59
    ODay 322, Motion Comfort=23.71
    ODay 34/35, Motion Comfort=22.94
    ODay 37, Motion Comfort=26.75
    ODay 39, Motion Comfort=26.82
    ODay 40, Motion Comfort=26.59
    Ocean 31 Lavranos, Motion Comfort=20.67
    Oceanis 49, Motion Comfort=25.86
    Oday 32 Center Cockpit, Motion Comfort=25.8
    Oday 34, Motion Comfort=23.15
    Olson 34, Motion Comfort=22.64
    Olympic Star 23, Motion Comfort=20.92
    Omega 36, Motion Comfort=22.23
    Ontario 28, Motion Comfort=20.22
    Ontario 32, Motion Comfort=21.89
    Ovni 345, Motion Comfort=27.42
    Oyster 37, Motion Comfort=24.25
    Paceship 26, Motion Comfort=20.05
    Paceship 29 Northwind, Motion Comfort=22.09
    Paceship Eastwind 25, Motion Comfort=23.81
    Paceship Westwind, Motion Comfort=22.38
    Pacific Dolphin 24, Motion Comfort=21.04
    Pacific Seacraft 24, Motion Comfort=29.59
    Pacific Seacraft 25, Motion Comfort=20.71
    Paine Sarah 32, Motion Comfort=29.14
    Parker 275, Motion Comfort=22.04
    Parker 335, Motion Comfort=20.85
    Passoa 54, Motion Comfort=29.23
    Pearson 10M, Motion Comfort=26.43
    Pearson 24, Motion Comfort=20.67
    Pearson 26, Motion Comfort=20.2
    Pearson 28-1 75-82, Motion Comfort=24.69
    Pearson 28-2 85-89 SD, Motion Comfort=21.04
    Pearson 30, Motion Comfort=24.06
    Pearson 303, Motion Comfort=24.51
    Pearson 31 MK 2 (Deep), Motion Comfort=23.87
    Pearson 31 MK 2 (Wing), Motion Comfort=24.35
    Pearson 31-II WK, Motion Comfort=24.45
    Pearson 32, Motion Comfort=22.99
    Pearson 33 (1969-80), Motion Comfort=27.96
    Pearson 33-2, Motion Comfort=24.6
    Pearson 34 (1983), Motion Comfort=23.22
    Pearson 36, Motion Comfort=23.73
    Pearson 36-2, Motion Comfort=25.69
    Pearson 37-2, Motion Comfort=27.14
    Pearson 38, Motion Comfort=25.65
    Pearson 39 C/B, Motion Comfort=27.88
    Pearson 39-2, 1986 - 1991, Motion Comfort=28.43
    Pearson 390, Motion Comfort=29.32
    Pearson 424, Motion Comfort=29.05
    Pearson Ariel, Motion Comfort=23.86
    Pearson Coaster, Motion Comfort=29.61
    Pearson Coaster, Motion Comfort=29.17
    Pearson Coaster, Motion Comfort=29.84
    Pearson Commander, Motion Comfort=24.8
    Pearson Renegade 27, Motion Comfort=24.84
    Pearson Triton 28, Motion Comfort=27.97
    Peterson 33, Motion Comfort=21.93
    Peterson 34(1979), Motion Comfort=22.01
    Peterson 35, Motion Comfort=26.35
    Precision Seaforth 24, Motion Comfort=22.96
    Radford 14, Motion Comfort=27.84
    Ranger 26 Mull Dsgn, Motion Comfort=21.84
    Ranger 29, Motion Comfort=21.39
    Ranger 33, Motion Comfort=28.04
    Rival-Bowman 40, Motion Comfort=29.05
    Riviera Star 316, Motion Comfort=23.12
    Roberts 25 Pilothouse, Motion Comfort=20.22
    Rodgers 28, Motion Comfort=23.74
    Rommel 34 CR, Motion Comfort=21.16
    Rutu(custom), Motion Comfort=27.47
    S2 10.3, Motion Comfort=21.35
    S2 11, Motion Comfort=27.79
    S2 35C, Motion Comfort=27.31
    S2 8.5, Motion Comfort=23.66
    S2 9.2A, Motion Comfort=25.55
    SAS Vektor 36, Motion Comfort=20.52
    Sabre 27, Motion Comfort=24.94
    Sabre 28, Motion Comfort=25.84
    Sabre 28 Series I, Motion Comfort=24.74
    Sabre 28 Series III, Motion Comfort=25.92
    Sabre 30 Mk II, Motion Comfort=23.83
    Sabre 30-3, Motion Comfort=23.79
    Sabre 32, Motion Comfort=25.12
    Sabre 32 (K/CB), Motion Comfort=25.84
    Sabre 34, Motion Comfort=27.49
    Sabre 34 MK I, Motion Comfort=26.79
    Sabre 34 Targa, Motion Comfort=23.6
    Sabre 362 (CB), Motion Comfort=26.1
    Sabre 362 (DK), Motion Comfort=24.04
    Sabre 362 (WK), Motion Comfort=25.45
    Sabre 38 II, Motion Comfort=27.81
    Sabre 38 MK I, Motion Comfort=27.19
    Sabre 386, Motion Comfort=25.06
    Sabre 402, Motion Comfort=24.77
    Sabre 42, Motion Comfort=27.85
    Sadler 29, Motion Comfort=25.58
    Sadler 32, Motion Comfort=24.22
    Sadler 34, Motion Comfort=27.08
    Saga 35, Motion Comfort=24.1
    Saga 409, Motion Comfort=28.06
    Saga 43, Motion Comfort=28.02
    Sailmaster 22 Cruiser 1962, Motion Comfort=22.71
    Sailmaster 22c, Motion Comfort=27.99
    Sailmaster 26, Motion Comfort=21.63
    Salona 37, Motion Comfort=22.07
    Sandpiper Sharpie, Motion Comfort=24.4
    Santana 30, Motion Comfort=21.58
    Sas 39, Motion Comfort=21.11
    Scampi MK2, Motion Comfort=21.11
    Scanmar 31, Motion Comfort=21.79
    Scanmar 33, Motion Comfort=22.65
    Scanmar 35, Motion Comfort=22.78
    Sceptre 36, Motion Comfort=23.04
    Sea Sprite 23, Motion Comfort=21.26
    Sea Sprite 27, Motion Comfort=28.63
    Seacracker 33, Motion Comfort=26.97
    Seafarer 23 (1970), Motion Comfort=20.95
    Seafarer 29, Motion Comfort=21.9
    Seafarer Meridian, Motion Comfort=29.66
    Seafarer Polaris, Motion Comfort=22.29
    Seaward Eagle 32, Motion Comfort=20.34
    Shannon 28, Motion Comfort=28.99
    Shields, Motion Comfort=25.65
    Show 34, Motion Comfort=21.28
    Sirena 38, Motion Comfort=26.91
    Slotta 34 ComfortCcruiser, Motion Comfort=22.8
    South Coast 23, Motion Comfort=21.47
    Southerly 101, Motion Comfort=24.89
    Southerly 110, Motion Comfort=27.38
    Sparhawk 36, Motion Comfort=21.47
    Spencer 34, Motion Comfort=21.24
    Spirit 28, Motion Comfort=20.11
    Storebro Royal 33, Motion Comfort=21.15
    Sunbeam 34, Motion Comfort=24.19
    Sunbird 32 Junk Schooner, Motion Comfort=24.64
    Tanton 43 Cat Ketch, Motion Comfort=25.71
    Tanzer 10.5, Motion Comfort=26.06
    Tanzer 27, Motion Comfort=20.29
    Tartan 26, Motion Comfort=21.23
    Tartan 27, Motion Comfort=27.85
    Tartan 27 (Mark Two), Motion Comfort=27.85
    Tartan 28, Motion Comfort=21.93
    Tartan 30, Motion Comfort=24.06
    Tartan 3000, Motion Comfort=21.08
    Tartan 31, Motion Comfort=20.78
    Tartan 33, Motion Comfort=21.91
    Tartan 34 Scheel Keel (1987), Motion Comfort=22.79
    Tartan 34-2, Motion Comfort=22.79
    Tartan 34c, Motion Comfort=28.13
    Tartan 34c E=13, Motion Comfort=28.13
    Tartan 3500, Motion Comfort=24.09
    Tartan 37 (K/CB), Motion Comfort=28.97
    Tartan 3700, Motion Comfort=24.96
    Tartan 372 Scheel, Motion Comfort=25.7
    Tartan 40, Motion Comfort=27.1
    Tartan 40 Shoal, Motion Comfort=27.32
    Tartan 41, Motion Comfort=27.64
    Tartan 4100, Motion Comfort=24
    Tartan 5100, Motion Comfort=27.83
    Temptress 34, Motion Comfort=25.89
    Terrapin 34, Motion Comfort=29.01
    Ticon 30, Motion Comfort=22.22
    Tom Thumb 24, Motion Comfort=26.8
    Tom Thumb 26, Motion Comfort=25.25
    Tomahawk 25, Motion Comfort=20.81
    Top Hat 25, Motion Comfort=26.62
    Valiant 32, Motion Comfort=28.36
    Van De Stadt 30, Motion Comfort=22.71
    Van De Stadt 34, Motion Comfort=22.26
    Van De Stadt 40, Motion Comfort=26.12
    Vancouver 25, Motion Comfort=28.01
    Varne 850, Motion Comfort=22.09
    Viking 33, Motion Comfort=22.12
    Voyager 26, Motion Comfort=26.95
    W-46, Motion Comfort=27.28
    W-46, Motion Comfort=27.27
    Warrior 35, Motion Comfort=28.64
    Wasa, Motion Comfort=20.57
    Watkins 25, Motion Comfort=21.04
    Watkins 27, Motion Comfort=21.71
    Watkins 29, Motion Comfort=23.6
    Watkins 32, Motion Comfort=26.56
    Watkins 33, Motion Comfort=28.13
    Wauquiez 40 Standard, Motion Comfort=26.34
    Wauquiez Centurion 40S (shoal), Motion Comfort=23.12
    Wauquiez Centurion 45s (std), Motion Comfort=25.79
    Wauquiez Gladiateur, Motion Comfort=24.85
    Wauquiez Pilot 40, Motion Comfort=28.62
    Wauquiez Pretorien, Motion Comfort=24.05
    Westerly 36 Corsair, Motion Comfort=25.85
    Westerly Berwick 31, Motion Comfort=29.03
    Westerly Centaur 26, Motion Comfort=26.21
    Westerly Fulmar, Motion Comfort=22.65
    Westerly Longbow, Motion Comfort=27.13
    Westerly Merlin, Motion Comfort=22.3
    Westerly Pageant, Motion Comfort=20.45
    Westerly Pentland, Motion Comfort=28.55
    Westerly Sealord, Motion Comfort=26.68
    Westerly Storm 33' Cruiser, Motion Comfort=25.21
    Westerly Tiger 25, Motion Comfort=20.22
    Wibo 945, Motion Comfort=28.06
    Wylie Cat 39, Motion Comfort=21.45
    X-332, Motion Comfort=20.53
    X-342, Motion Comfort=20.94
    X-412, Motion Comfort=23.82
    X-412 Mk III, Motion Comfort=24.16
    X-442 MKII, Motion Comfort=26.15
    Yamaha 33, Motion Comfort=21.53
    Yankee 26, Motion Comfort=20.51
    Yankee 30 MK I, Motion Comfort=28.47
    Yankee 30 MK II, Motion Comfort=28.52
    Yankee Dolphin 24, Motion Comfort=20.6

    Best winds
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  12. Antonio Alcalá
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    Antonio Alcalá Ocean Yachtmaster

    And now, I bring your attention about this:

    Transpac 52, Motion Comfort=14.91

    Is she faster?

    Best winds
  13. jorghenderson
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    jorghenderson -


    Longer boats have a more comfortable motion, no big surprise.
    I do not think anybody on a TP52 going upwind in a force 7 at maximum speed will describe her motion being as comfortable.

    If someone wants to invite me on his TP52 to try this out for myself i will accept the offer happily though.
  14. Guillermo
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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    Hey Antonio! You have done a hell of a job! Well done!

    Motion Comfort Ratio provides a good clue to a boat's seakindliness, in addition to the roll acceleration parameter, usually calculated as:
    being T the rolling period and 'radius' the radius of inerta. There are approximate formulas to estimate those also, as you probably already know.

    Motion Comfort Ratio is only a clue, not an absolute true, but anyhow it indicates what you can expect from a boat. As Ted Brewer puts it:
    "Do consider, though, that a sailing yacht heeled by a good breeze will have a much steadier motion than one bobbing up and down in light airs on left over swells from yesterday's blow; also that the typical summertime coastal cruiser will rarely encounter the wind and seas that an ocean going yacht will meet. Nor will one human stomach keep down what another stomach will handle with relish, or with mustard and pickles for that matter! It is all relative."

    There is also an study on the effects of acceleration aboard on human performance, done by the US Navy (or was it the Coast Guard?), but I don't have it here now. I'll check tonight and post the curves.

    Is it correct such a low MCR for the Transpac 52?


  15. Fanie
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    Fanie Fanie

    I think a lot depends on ones state of mind. Some people are seasick before they board... like some people itch from working with glass before they even touch the stuff...
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