The newest maxi trimaran Sodebo Ultim 3

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Ilan Voyager, Mar 25, 2019.

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    The last maxi in date, has been launched march 2019. The videos allow to have a look on the lines. Very interesting...
    Magnificent building in carbon fiber by Multiplast, a shipyard used also to build for the aerospace industry.
    Designed by a team including the NA VPLP and a big troop of specialists.
    400 providers.
    50,000 hours of design and engineering, and 110,000 hours of work in the shipyard during 18 months
    Foiler 32 meters long, 23 meters wide. Mast 34 meters.
    Mainsail 277 m2, total sail downwind 700 m2.
    The beast is surely not cheap but that smells the very fast animal...
    Sodebo Ultim 3, le maxi-trimaran ultra novateur de Thomas Coville se dévoile enfin !
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