The Million Dollar Yachts

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by popie, May 19, 2007.

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    The Million Dollar Yachts Show broad casted in 2004 the Travel Channel on board of the Lady Lola fishing with Keith Brown on his Burger Boat ,Cristina O. and the oldest steam yacht SS Delphine ,and John Staluppi's The World Is Not Enough a movie of 50 minutes. label The World Is Not Enough

    Met behulp van Rapidshare en een DVD Ripper heb ik mijn DVD De Miljoen Dollar Jachten om kunnen zettten in het bestaand format MPEG4 een 50 minuten 45 seconden duurde film met de bovenstaande jachten.

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    I saw recently whilst doing a search on the net on superyachts and giga yachts that I came across a design which had armour belt in the hull and deck and superstructure. I can't really see the point in having such items on a luxury motor yacht, unless you are about to be hit by a torpedo or anti ship missile or shells from an 5" to 16" naval guns or naval mines.
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