the marine industry market in Asian-China

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Hunterye, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Hunterye Junior Marine Engineer

    HI there,

    There is a question I'd like to kick off and all advices would be great to hear , I want to be a successfully business man runing company such as luxury yacht. How do you think the prospective business situation in China. DO you think yacht will eventually become a large industry as motobile car in China. What do you think of the future of china from a Marin industry views.
    I will be thankful for you time and effort.

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  2. corsair.p
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    corsair.p N.A.China

    No question for a boom yacht industry in China.
    Upcoming to be the world's biggest Yacht OEM Center.
  3. longliner45
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    the yachts may be built in china,,,,but for other entitys,,communist rule requiers all for the state ,,exept the elitest few,,yes they will **** their natural resources and with cheap or forced labor ,build boats ,,,its always the ones on topthat get over ,longliner
  4. woody_wing
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    woody_wing New Member

    Way to go


    You got very good idea. I have some connection in building yacht and running yacht club. send me email at if you like.
  5. Billy Baycroft
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    Billy Baycroft Junior Member

    China's Pleasure yacht industry

    Until very recently the coastline of China has been neglected from the Yachters standpoint, being controlled by, and dedicated in the most part to, Merchant and military fleets. Pleasure yacht marinas are sprouting up in many cities from Dalian all the way down to Macao.
    With the acceptance of "western Lifestyles" and enormous new found wealth evident in every major Chinese coastal city, I (as do many others) predict the Chinese domestic market to be enormous within the next 5- 10 years.
    Good luck in your endeavor...we're here to assist...

    Billy Baycroft
    Yacht Consultants Asia
    Shenzhen China

  6. watchkeeper

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    Some food for thought Hunterye
    China like other major neighbouring countries suffers from corruption at all levels. Getting a enterprise established in China requires contacts (a cost) capital (very deep pockets) time to set up (cost) established international markets for products (wealthy Chinese purchase foreign made products for quality assurance). China like many opening areas offers cheap labour for cheap products but the cost of establishing infrastructure, resoursing expat expertise and setting up agency representation to access your target market require long term commitment and those very very deep pockets.
  7. Frosty

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    The Chinese will no doubt think the same way as the Thias do about boats, they like them but don't understand messing around with them in blazing sunshine.

    Hong kong is the same ,I would say almost all are corperate owned and never leave the dock untill Sunday . Then its black suit and tie with the air con on. A quick trip round the bay and back to the dock and home. Next week its some one elses turn. Sitting up on deck with a G&T is tolerable but only for show.

    The Thais can not understand the cost involved ( niether do I) in the maintenance and the labour involved to do nothing with it. A fishing boat is different or charter,---- but just to play with ???? Bungalow better---and cheaper.

    You know what after writing this, I think they are right.
  8. longliner45
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    also be advised that google reports all unfavorable info to chines govt,,,and turns in dissedents ,,,,,,,,,,not like the free world ,,,,,,,,boycott china ,,,,,,,,longliner
  9. Pericles
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    Pericles Senior Member

  10. lazeyjack

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    i thought ya promised me that you woulkd shy away from Politics?
  11. longliner45
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    yea your right lazy ,,,,longliner
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    TerryKing On The Water SOON

  13. Colormarine
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    Colormarine New Member

    I have ajob for you to suppervise yachtbuilding in China. Send e-mail to
  14. watchkeeper

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    Position available as build supervisor

    We require a boat builder, boat joinery tradesman or simular to supervise interior fit out of 3 deck 36mt, 44mt motor yachts with new projects 2008. Applicants must have indentured papers with min 5 years exp, single with current passport and drivers licence. Location: Dubai excellent package incl accommadation. email

  15. Maniek
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    Maniek Junior Member

    Hi,this is not bad idea,but I thing better place(for now) to organize something like You mean is Ruussia. Russian's government have many good propositions for investors - and this is v.nice,big and reach country.There are good specialists from marine industry -especialy woodworkers,welders and others- and are cheap.Russian market is growing up Best regards.
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