The March 2010 Issue of Westlawn's Quarterly Journal is Posted

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    The new March 2010 issue of The Masthead is now posted.

    To read The Masthead, you must have a current version of ADOBE ACROBAT READER. (If The Masthead doesn’t load correctly, you probably need to download an up-to-date verion of Acrobat Reader. Go to: )

    Highlights in this edition:
    • Westlawn Moves to Eastport, Maine
    • Message from ABYC President
    • TrawlerFest 2010
    • South Atlantic Cruise
    • Splashes / New launchings by Alumni
    • Mail Boat
    • December Know-It-All Answer
    • Westlawn Profiles Dudley Dix
    • News & Views
    • New Know-It-All Question
    • Tech Article: The "BMF Power Skiff"
    • "The Book of Dave Martin Designs"
    • ABYC Tech Notes
    • Tech Article: All About Cores Part 3
    • Training Links & Events
    • Continuing Education for Designers, Boat Builders, & Techs
    • Masthead Archives
    • Did You Know?


    Book of Dave Martin Designs
    by David Martin
    He paused a moment as he confidently felt the firmness of a Colt 38 automatic firmly tucked in his shoulder holster. As he proceeded unnoticed toward the Atlantic City ghetto, he gave a sidelong glance at his gleaming new custom Packard, left purposely at the station so that everyone in the town would think he had remained in New York for the night. He couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of it. He had banged his head about a month ago and then ordered his chief boat builder to remove the Packard body and replace it with a new Martin designed body with full headroom. It was the only full headroom Packard in the world.

    Read the entire article in this issue.

    The "BMS Power Skiff"
    by Jerry D. Burkett
    The BMSLong.Step™ concept was a result of being intrigued by the Westlawn Text 117, page 25, which discussed the concept of the "ideal beam for different speeds." The total residual resistance of the boat with the "low chine beam which is unrealistic in practical terms" is substantially lower than the full beam width boat and the porpoising margin increases. The David Taylor Model Basin work referred to in the text was led by Eugene Clement. He has since retired but gave me a copy of the test reports that proved to be essential to my development work. Other essential pieces were the Daniel Savitsky porpoising limit analysis and his performance prediction analysis including the calculation of CG rise, which he kindly explained. The idea on how to take advantage of the ideal beam concept came to me in 2001 and the patent was awarded in 2007.

    Read the entire article in this issue.

    Go to:

    to read The Masthead (allow a few moments for the file do download), and be sure to click on the "Click Here To Subscribe" at the bottom of the first page to receive the next issue automatically.

    You can click on:

    To see all back issues and read whichever one you like.

    Dave Gerr
    Director, Westlawn Institute
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