The Lisbon Atlantic Endurance Challenge

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    Lisbon Atlantic Endurance Challenge
    April 26 - May 2 - View in browser

    The Lisbon Atlantic Endurance Challenge
    (LAEC) is not a boat race.

    The HSBO proudly presents the Lisbon Atlantic Endurance Challenge for high speed boats, set to finish at the HSBO Forum 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal.

    The LAEC is a unique endurance challenge, which will provide the opportunity to put each entrants boat, engines, drivelines, equipment and crew to the test, in what can potentially be one of the world’s harshest offshore environments.

    The Bay of Biscay can be sublimely calm but equally it can become one of the roughest seas in the world, with huge Atlantic swells and confused wave patterns, particularly in strong westerly winds.

    Due to fuel constraints, the LAEC will avoid most of the shelf by hugging the French and Spanish coast. Each leg has been kept to a sensible distance to give crew a chance to check over their craft in daylight and re-fuel at each stop, enjoy good local food and get a well-earned rest, before setting off on the next day’s challenge.

    Not only is this a test of endurance, it is also an opportunity to benchmark performance of platforms and crews in constantly changing sea conditions and also gather data on impact exposure on hulls and humans.

    Boats will be monitored along the course for speed, position, heading and impact on hulls and humans.

    Start in Lorient, France - April 26
    Finish in Lisbon, Portugal - May 2

    Submit your interest here
    LAEC Organising Committee

    Tel: +351 969 410 541

    Tel: +44(0) 7710 109 424

    RIBS, LTD.
    PO Box 1066, CR6 9JH, U.K.
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