The Landing School Worth the investment?

Discussion in 'Education' started by alexhiguera, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    Many years ago (7 years) I was debating wether to finish my BBA or to pursue the carrer I wanted. Back then I was considering going to the Landing School because I wanted and want to get into building boats and into the industry.

    7 years later I am considering it again. Composites Program

    The reason? After completing two years of Mechanical Engineering, obtaining a BBA and Marketing degree in 2005 and working good but unfulfilling jobs, it all comes down to the fact that:


    Besides before I finished my BBA/Marketing I knew that wasnt for me. But I was already in it, so I wasnt gonna let it all go to waste, and I graduated.

    So my questions are:

    Is going to The Landing School realy worth the 17,000 investment + all other expenses?

    How prepared will I be once graduated and what jobs can I expect in the boat building industry after?
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    I am about to be done with my application to the yacht design program that the landing school offers, so I’ve researched a lot about it

    I would recommend you to read the article "Learn to Draw" in page 106 of the edition of professional boat builder magazine

    Even though you are not interested in the yacht design program, it pretty much sums up what the landing school is all about and what advantages it has compared to other schools, specially the over 90% job placing record it has

    About the kind of jobs I would also recommend reading PB magazine; it give you a good overview of what the industry is about

    Hope this helps

  3. Joe Petrich
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    Joe Petrich Designer

    Do it. The graduates I have known from The Landing School have been top notch. Depending on whether you go for Design or Construction you can expect to obtain entry level or better jobs with boat builders. The ones I know have advanced quickly where thy worked. Some are on their own now with their own businesses. You have an advantage with your mechanical engineering experience and marketing degree.

    I wish there had been a Landing School when I was young.
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