The June 2013 issue of Westlawn Institute's free journal The Masthead is posted

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    The June 2013 issue of Westlawn Institute's free online journal, The Masthead, is now posted.

    Highlights in this edition:
    • Wood Scholarship Extended for a Fourth Year!
    • U.S. Boating Industry Uptick
    • NMMA 2012 Boating Economic Study
    • ABYC President’s Message – Boating Fatalities Down
    • Westlawn Drives Down Education Costs
    • On the Drawing Board: Laurie McGowan’s Hercules
    • Orca3D User Tip – Foreshortened Views
    • The Importance of Simple Systems
    • Water Heater Installations
    • ABYC Tech Notes – Standards and Common Sense in Design
    • Know It All Answer: On Lifting-Keel Hoist Cable
    • Know It All Question: Identifying a Localized Paint Degredation
    • Martin’s Yarns – Honesty in Design
    • News & Views
    • Masthead Archives
    • Westlawn Information


    Wood Foundation Scholarships Extended for 2013
    By Dave Gerr, Westlawn Institute Director

    Westlawn has received an additional fourth year's donation for the most substantial grant and scholarship program the school has ever offered! The original grant from the Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation was to be for three years. Based on the tremendous assistance the Wood Scholarship has been for Westlawn students, the Kathy and Jerry Wood Foundation has extended their support for an additional year. For qualifying U.S. students, tuition will be effectively reduced to levels last seen since the early 1980s! All funds donated by the Wood Foundation for the initial 2010-through-2012 period were expended in scholarships and grants for students under the terms of the donation. We're looking forward to assisting more students in 2013.

    Water Heater Operation and Installation Details
    By Steve Antonio

    It was pretty quiet, then all of a sudden there was this huge explosion," A report from a Baghdad street or perhaps the statement from a witness to a gas explosion? No, in fact this is a quote from a story about a water heater that exploded in a Seattle suburb in 2001. The water heater began life located in a restaurant and its career ended more than 400 feet away in the parking lot of a Pizza Hut. Its meteoric traverse took the appliance over several businesses and a busy four-lane intersection. Four bystanders were injured and several buildings were severely damaged as a result of the concussion. Although not common, water heaters have been known to explode in this manner from time to time. Reports in the case of the flying water heater indicated that the pressure relief valve had been capped and the water heater partially drained, the combination of which created a steam explosion. The thought of this occurring aboard a cruising vessel is, well, unthinkable.

    Orca 3D user Tip
    By Bruce Hayes, Principal Naval Architect, DRS Defense Solutions LLC

    When fairing a hull, it's often helpful to foreshorten or "squash" the view in the longitudinal direction, to accentuate the curvature. Rhino 5 allows this to be done very easily, by defining a new display mode. The default display modes include Wireframe, Shaded, Rendered, Ghosted, etc.

    Start by opening the Rhino Options dialog (File>Properties, or right-click on a viewporttitle (Top, Front, etc.) and select Display Options). In this dialog, click on Rhino Options>View>Display Modes in the tree pane on the left.
    On the right, click on New. Enter a Name, and then click on Other Settings.

    Westlawn Drives Down Education Costs

    Westlawn has taken strong steps designed to lower education costs and assist students to follow their dreams and attain their goals. These steps include finding ways for students to obtain otherwise expensive design software at low or zero cost. For example:

    FREE Student AutoCAD!
    Westlawn has arranged for active Westlawn students to download AutoCAD online directly from Autodesk. This is a full version of AutoCAD student release. It is not a trial version. Active Westlawn students can log into the designated sign-up page through the Westlawn student forum. This is the lowest cost for full AutoCAD ever-no cost! The commercial price of AutoCAD is $4,195, an enormous savings.
    Orca3D Level 1 (hull design and fairing with intact hydrostatics and stability) is $1,390 commercial but just $125 for Westlawn students, a $1,265 savings!

    Read the complete articles and more in this issue.
    Go to:

    New issues of The Masthead are in Internet flipping-book format, with control icons are located on the bar at the bottom of the screen

    If you prefer to read it in standard PDF format, go to the new flipping-book format and click on the download button on the bottom gray bar.

    To read The Masthead in the PDF format, you must have a current version of ADOBE ACROBAT READER. If you don't have it go to:

    You can click on:

    To see all back issues and read whichever one you like.

    Dave Gerr
    Director, Westlawn Institute
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