The June 2011 issue of Westlawn Institute's free online journal is now posted

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    The June 2011 issue of Westlawn Institute's free online journal, The Masthead, is now posted and ready for you.

    Highlights in this edition:
    • RINA Accredits Westlawn Program
    • Message from the ABYC President
    • Wood Foundation Scholarships - Year 2
    • The Efficient Powerboat - Part 2
    • Westlawn Featured in Yachting Magazine
    • Westlawn Profiles Robert Miller
    • Westlawn, SSCD, Planimeter & Masthead
    • Splashes
    • First Annual Maine Meet
    • Know It All Answer - Prop Shaft Formula
    • We Get Mail - Hybrid Feedback
    • News & Views
    • Know It All Question
    • ABYC Tech Notes - Nav Lights
    • MLC Labor Pains - New Regs on Crew Accommodations
    • Rebirth if Ida May
    • Bill Garden - In Memoriam
    • Training Links & Events
    • Masthead Archives
    • Westlawn Information


    RINA Accredits Westlawn's Yacht & Boat Design Program
    RINA Chief Executive, Trevor Blakeley, stated, "Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology has a well deserved international reputation for its programmes, and it is a pleasure for the Royal Institution of Naval Architects as an international professional society to accredit its Yacht & Boat Design Course."

    Wood Foundation Scholarships - Year 2
    The Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology is pleased to announce that we have received the second year's donations from the Kathy & Jerry Wood Foundation for the most substantial grant and scholarship program the school has ever offered! For qualifying U.S. students, tuition will be effectively reduced to levels last seen in the early 1980s, while the funds last!

    The Efficient Powerboat - Part 2
    By Dave Gerr
    In the March 2011 issue of The Masthead we looked at the fuel consumption and range of early offshore powerboats, and began our examination of powerboat efficiency, by using transport efficiency and miles per gallon to compare boats. We saw how longer more slender hulls could be moved farther faster for the same amount of fuel. Comparing different hull forms normalized for displacement, we also saw that driving boats at lower speed/length ratios also improved efficiency. We'll conclude our discussion of powerboat efficiency here by looking at the effect of improving propulsion machinery and also at the effect that overall size has on efficiency. We'll also consider how efficient slender hull forms affect seakeeping, comfort, and accommodations.

    MCA Labor Pains
    How the United Nations will affect Yacht Design

    By Dudley Dawson
    Yacht owners may not yet have heard of the Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC), but it will soon become the most important element on their agenda. At 110 pages, it is the most comprehensive maritime labor treaty ever proposed.

    It is likely that the MLC will be ratified within 2011 and come into effect 12 months later. Its impact on the design, construction and operation of yachts will reach beyond that of all prior regulations. The convention will affect decisions regarding yacht size and type-as well as cruising venues-for many yachtsmen in the years to come and is already being considered by designers and builders in projects on the boards.

    Read the complete articles in this issue.
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    Dave Gerr, Director
    Westlawn Institute
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    Congratulations on accreditation!
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