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  1. Sean Herron
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    Sean Herron Senior Member


    I think it is required that all 'wanna be' yacht designers need to come together and select a date for the national ' I HATE CHUCK PAINE' barbeque...

    Chuck Paine is too perfect - his early and later designs are too perfect - I hate Chuck Paine - I hate him...

    The blasted bugger and his perfect little boats...

    Full of rage and hate - I am - and cheap but smooth Canadian Rye...

    Where is my propane bottle...

    Chuck Paine sucks - over...

    Full of rage... :)

    Have you ever seen anything so perfect - lousy mother...


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  2. Tim B
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    To me that design lloks hideously slow and old-fashioned. It is the sort of result that, had I expected it, would have got the contract refused by me before work started. In short, I'm just not excited by it. Perhaps that's me, but I do agree that there are some designers who just seem to get it right every time.

    So let's make this a barbeque for everyone who's lost a contract to their arch-rivals. Where's it going to be held?

    Tim B.
  3. Thunderhead19
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    Thunderhead19 Senior Member

    It's a bit unremarkable. Strikingly similar to Paul Gartside's design of the same
  4. Skippy
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    Skippy Senior Member

    Sean: ... cheap but smooth Canadian Rye ...
    That's cause that Canucki stuff is really just cherry syrup with a little color & flavoring. :D

    Why so tender? It looks like the hull form is unstable at zero heel. Is that so wimpy lubbers will have a stiffer ride underway?

    A real designer would come up with a blue-water cruiser of that size with a long fin keel, with bulb of course, and a skeg-protected rudder. Why don't more cruisers have bulbs? That's a very nice skeg keel in that sketch, and I've seen a lot of efficient spade rudders, but the Contessa 32 is the only small, modern, heavy-duty cruiser I've seen that compromises between the traditional cruiser design with a keel-hung rudder, and the lighter-duty island hopper with short keel and unprotected rudder. Maybe the Seafarers 29-31, but even the S&S 34 is really a racer, despite having done a couple circumavigations.
  5. SeaDrive
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    SeaDrive Senior Member

    Paine's design was earlier by a decade or two.
  6. yacht371
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    yacht371 Yacht Designer

    I saw one yesterday

    I saw a Frances 26 sailing in Howe sound yesterday. It looked beautiful. From a distance I took it for a larger boat but recognized it up close. It was beating to windward in 7-8 knots of wind and seemed to be doing well, although my Hanse 371 easily outdistanced it. That is to be expected from an 12 foot longer waterline.

    I have know Chuck's work for decades and he has never drawn an ugly boat. :cool:
  7. Mikey
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    Mikey Senior Member

    Chuck didn't do a good job with Whistler 48, OK pilot house yachts are difficult to get to look nice but still. That's one boat that could have had better lines, any more?

  8. spank
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    Well, I cruise the coast of Maine regularly, andc there is a center cockpit Morris 46ish, and that is one of the ugliest boats I have ever seen. If you go to Chuck's website he points out that he will draw you whatever you want. I sailed by this boat with the owner aboard the other day (I usually have seen it moored), and he seemed quite pleased with the ugly pile of turn he was motoring down the Eggemoggin reach in. Firefly and Reindeer are great looking boats that that ugly CC boat was derived from. I agree with the good looks of the Frances. It is not the quickest boat around, but the many owners who have them swear by them.
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