The Golden Age of The Atlantic - Economic Overview

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    The Golden Age of The Atlantic

    PART 2
    Economic Overview

    “Analyze of the potential loss of the transatlantic
    passenger traffic in the period 1914-1960”.

    In the period of 1900-1960 approximately 22,721,355 immigrants have arrived in the United States of America.
    Most of them arrived from European counties. At the same time, in the period of 1900-1914 around 21,300,000
    passengers were carried between European ports and ports in the USA. In both directions.
    These numbers immodestly attract our attention.

    This research is the Part Nr.2 of my previous work called “The Golden Age of The Atlantic”, Part 1 “Development
    of transatlantic passenger shipbuilding in the second half of the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Historical
    Overview.”, Riga, 2008.

    In the Part 2 I'm trying to show the result of calculations of the potential loss of passenger flow in the transatlantic
    traffic because of geopolitical situation in Europe and USA in the period of 1914-1960. The geopolitical situation definitively
    affected the shipping and shipbuilding industry of the Western Europe and USA.
    As well, it became an attribute of fading of the transatlantic transportation industry.

    Please use the link below to read or download a PDF copy of the research.

    The Golden Age Of The Atlantic - Economic Overview: READ


    I highly appreciate attention of everyone who will read and study this research and I will be happy to cooperate with
    professionals who are interested in the history of the transatlantic passenger shipping and shipbuilding.

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    I don't see how this is true. There was massive migrationso from Europe and Africa of Jews and Christians from the of WW1 to post WW2. I personally know many whole families that came over. Perhaps they came over on cargo vessels and are not considereal here.
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