The First Chesapeake Power Boat Symposium

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    March 7-8, 2008 St. John's College, Annapolis, Maryland USA

    Co-Sponsored By: SNAME and Professional BoatBuilder


    Re-Powering for Fuel Economy and Performance – Methods for Engine and Propeller Selection
    Frank DeBord , Chesapeake Marine Technology, LLC

    New Varieties of Fast Air-Assisted Boats
    Konstantin Matveev, Assistant Professor, Washington State University

    QUADRAPOD Air-Assist Catamaran Hull
    Andrew P. Dize, USCG ELC

    Regarding Small Craft Seakeeping
    Dean Schleicher, Donald Blount and Associates

    Stray Current Electrolysis – an Unrecognized Enemy
    Alan Ross Hugenot, Alan Ross Hugenot, Inc.

    Prototype of a Small High-Efficiency Cruising Motor Yacht Design
    Eric Jolley

    Discussion of Planing Boat Designs
    David Stimson, Stimson Marine

    Modeling and Simulation - CO exposure / Propulsion Systems - CO emissions
    Alberto Garcia Associate Service Fellow, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

    A Parametric Study of Dynaplane-Type Planing Motorboats
    Eugene P. Clement and John G. Hoyt

    Design and Analysis of Integrated Propulsion Systems for High Speed Craft
    Brant R. Savander, Ph.D.,Maritime Research Associates, Ryan
    Kamphuis, MTU-Detroit Diesel, Kevin D. Herman, Michigan
    Wheel Corporation, Scott Woodruff, MTU-Detroit Diesel

    Regarding Statistical Relationships for Vertical Accelerations of Planing Monohulls in Head Seas
    Dean Schleicher, Donald Blount and Associates

    Integrating Design Tools for Improved Design and Construction
    Patrick D. Cahill, President of ShipConstructor Software USA, Inc

    Performance Prediction of High-Speed Planing Craft with Interceptors Using a Variation of the Savitsky Method
    Raju Datla and Srikanth Syamsundar, Stevens Institute of Technology

    Development of a Performance Test Protocol for Small Power Boats
    Richard Akers, P.E. ,Small Craft Engineering, LLC, Clifford A. Goudey , MIT Sea Grant College Program, Robert MacNeill

    Group Owned US Flag Superyachts: An Opportunity for Shipyards, Designers and Ship Managers
    Christopher D. Barry, Alan Hugenot, Paul Kamen

    Aerodynamic Design Considerations for High Speed Craft
    Dr. Robert Ranzenbach

    Computational Design Tools for High Performance Craft: Seedling Analysis of a Planing Monohull using RANSE
    Jennifer Grimsley, NSWCCD Combatant Craft Division

    Registrant $90.00*
    Full Time Student $25.00**
    Spouse $50.00***
    *Includes Symposium entry, 1 copy of Proceedings and Lunch Saturday
    **School ID required at Door. Includes Symposium entry, 1 copy of Proceedings and Lunch Saturday
    *** Includes Symposium entry and Lunch Saturday

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    Hey Chris, Wow sounds great. Wish I could be there. But it's along drive from Seattle. Say hi to Dick AKers for me.
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    Still time to register!

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    I hope they plan to publish the papers online for the edification of all?
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