The end of the world is near....... what Yacht will you build?

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What u will choose if seawater rise 50M and u need to find other land but............

  1. Monohull Sail Yacht

  2. Monohull Motoryacht

  3. Monohull Motorsailer

  4. Catamaran Sail yacht

  5. Catamaran Motoryacht

  6. Catamaran Motorsailer

  7. Trimaran Sail Yacht

  8. Trimaran Motoryacht

  9. Trimaran Motorsailer

  10. Dont Know?

  11. Stay at land and hang on something

  12. Find a submarine........ hopefully

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  1. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Yes and NO....

    Yes - see the link on my build, to see the pretty pictures you must register...

    NO, - also see the link below, to the GEC or google "Lies and Witchcraft"
  2. latestarter
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    latestarter Senior Member

    My rather flippant comments were based on recent posts but I do now see you are an exception.

    Very impressed with your efforts, looks like it is well worth having, whatever the the state of the world.
  3. mydauphin
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    mydauphin Senior Member

    Hey I get last word here...
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  4. wmonastra
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    wmonastra Junior Member

    So bring me upto speed everybody? Im still working hard on my plans, albeit very slow, we have had some pretty big earthquakes here as of late, so been busy helping others rebuild there lives, I was thinking that if i was at sea during that earth quake at least my home wouldnt have been damaged, and all i would have had to deal with was some heavy swells,... maybe this was a blessing for me, it gives me a chance to get rid of all the crap (and damaged items) and to move onto the boat fulltime, what a great outcome this maybe :)
  5. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Look forward to meeting you somewhere in Melanesia?
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  6. Wavewacker
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    Wavewacker Senior Member

    Any prepers out there? If the seas rise 50 meters, I'm staying where I am, I'm already on land! I'll put the boat in the backyard. I'm armed to the teeth, lots of booby-traps, killer German Shepard and enough women to keep constant watch, just waiting for a bunch of nutty sailors trying to sail up to my house to steal my watch out!
  7. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    you have plenty of woman but your names Wacker ( is that some derivative of ****** ) :p:p:p:p:p:p:p
  8. westlawn5554X
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    westlawn5554X STUDENT


    by starvation... at this growth speed...

    they did a confined roach hotel to see how they survive... it lasted almost 10 years until all congested until they all dies... :) enjoy every bite you eat... it may be the last spoon... :D:D:D

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  9. KDB
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    KDB Junior Member

    Back on topic (not that it's necessary)

    I voted trimaran
    I heard a terrible story once about 3 optimistic kids who tried to sail a trimaran from cali to Hawaii. It does not end well.
    However, a multi-hull that was made so that it could be disassembled at sea and either reassembled right-side-up or used as 2 or 3 single hulled boats could have changed things. A modular system is it's own "plan B"

    "The flight of the Phoenix" is a tru-ish story about a plane that crashed in the N. African dessert during WW2. The survivors built a smaller plane out of all the aircraft parts they had and flew out.
    A boat with built in options like that would be safest for long term usage.
  10. peter radclyffe
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    peter radclyffe Senior Member

    i would design & build a yacht like latifa
  11. wardd
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    wardd Senior Member

    one that could double as a space ship
  12. wmonastra
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    wmonastra Junior Member

    If you were to build a ship within a ship, that would mean two lots of everything, and the outer ship would have to be massive in order to carry everything to build the other ship. (yacht, power boat etc etc). Think of all the extra weight, not to mention manpower to build it, and cost, of well everything... would it not be best to build the one boat and do it right the first time???

    Just a thought for the day :p
  13. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Think logically and observe... Seek out the real issues behind the 'golbal economic crisis' and discover what sane and sensible people think and declare in their blogs - King World News, Casey Research, GATA will start your mind thinking logically) the "end" is just the demise of 'western economic theory' because, WESTERN economic systems are failing...

    The world is still available but life will be far far simpler and without so many "toys" and less fuel, less water and less food, so be prepared to GROW YOUR OWN FOOD somewhere, as that will be survival in the long term....

    Hide in a bunker for a year or two will create cabin fever and insanity and death by starvation, as the recovery will be very slow and take 20 or more years....

    Have a good day and take care..... I have my boat and the destination farm is next...
  14. wmonastra
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    wmonastra Junior Member

    Do you not think that some people who are on there boat (not because they want to be on a boat but really dont have any other choice.) will suffer cabin fever and go insane also? Im sure it happens at sea as well as on land...

    Me i kinda like the simple life, suits me very well.

  15. sharpii2
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    sharpii2 Senior Member

    'End of the world' vessel.


    The thing to think about when considering a proper vessel for this kind of circumstance is that what we are really talking about is the end of manufacturing of just about all industrial products. This means no more steel, no more aluminum, no more resin, no more glass fiber, and certainly no more synthetic sail cloth. Industrial products made before the onset of this period would be certainly hoarded and fiercely guarded. Where, for example, would one get bottom paint? This would truly be a post industrial period. What also must be considered is that a very long period of voyaging may be needed before a suitable land home can be found. Years of voyaging with no outside help.

    Everything needed for the entire voyage, with the exception, perhaps, of food and water will have to be on board at the voyage’s start. Also, tradable cargo of some kind will have to be brought along as well to ease and possibly pay for future re provisioning. The vessel will have to be repairable without industrial products, or at least without such that is not carried from the voyage’s start.

    Keeping these principles in mind, this is the type of vessel I would choose:

    A). It would certainly be a sail boat. Fuel of any kind must be considered an industrial product. Even ’Bio diesel’. The cooking fats needed to make it would be highly prized for other uses. Namely eating. Ethanol, based on very recent experience, would certainly lose out nutritional needs of the immediate survivors. Also, specific engine parts for modern engines would certainly become unavailable. So, sail wins by default.

    B.) The rig would most likely be of a ’traditional’ sort, with a low aspect ratio sail plan and very primitive staying. Where is one to get 1x19 cable when they quit making it?
    The sails could well end up being made of scraps of salvaged cloth or crudely made ’home made’ fabric. Low aspect ratio rigs seem to work best with this kind of casualness. I’ve seen pictures of Haitian sloops with sails made of rags and spars made out of branches still successfully plying their trade, with their sails having no kind of consistent airfoil at all. Such a rig would be quick to repair just about anywhere In the world.

    C.) The hull would most likely be made of wood planks. Wood, in the absence of us greedy humans, is a self renewing material which really needs a very limited number of tools to work successfully. The bottom would be copper sheathed, if copper sheeting is possible to obtain before or just after the onset of the emergency. (Other matterials could be considered, as long as themeans of their up keep and repair can be carried on the vessel.) The bottom shape would be quite crude, probably chined, so repair planks can be quickly fashioned and installed, made out of wood that probably is not the best of quality. It would have a long straight keel (or a fin keel with a sturdy skeg of equal depth), so maintenance could be done in tidal regions with no outside help. It would have a good deal of inside ballast to facilitate easier careening in absence of tides.

    D.) The size of the vessel, best described in displacement, would be any where between five and fifteen tons total displacement. The smaller size would be for just me and one other. The bigger one would be for a family or commune. It must be big enough to carry sufficient stores, but small enough to be dealt with without industrial equipment. It would likely have a small beam in proportion to its length, or be pram like in shape, so its outside planking can have easier bends.

    E.) For the most part, this vessel would be a mono hull, but a hefty catamaran would deserve thoughtful consideration as an alternative. Multi hulls do not have to be skinned out racers. Originally they were quite heavy voyaging vessels, which moved entire tribes from over populated islands to the next Edens. The multi, in this case, would not likely be much or even any faster than the mono. But it would have a huge working deck and sail more or less level. Its immense weight would likely make it more capsize resistant as well.
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