The Elipse - A Proposal

Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by venomousbird, Jul 8, 2007.

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    interesting link, it looks like I'm not the only one who has this kind of an idea for a boat
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    There is nothing wrong in dreaming. My favorite saying is

    "Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things that you did do. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - - Mark Twain.


    Remember that every time you get in a boat and leave the dock you are risking your life and everyone on your boat.

    1. Boats can sink - Most boats sink from simple things, i.e. lose hose
    2. Boats can hit or get hit by another boat, reef, rock...
    3. Wave or wake can flip you around, throw you upside down and perhaps even send you underwater.
    4. A boat traveling thru water at 10 mph is like a car at 150 mph because water is much denser. And water doesn't compress like air does.
    5. Your low fighter wings are history from first wave.
    6. It gets really cold and really hot on a boat.
    7. You cant drink or breath saltwater
    8. A storm can shake you to death.
    9. Everything on a boat is either broken or going to break
    10. BOATING is FUN

    GET a boat designed for the sea that you are going to travel. The one you design is good in a virtual world. Boats are designed like boat for a reason.

    Set a budget first, Set a goal... then lets talk real world.
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    The idea of the vessel and initial torpedo shaped vessel reminded me of another person who likes to spend time at sea:

    He was in a 27' rowboat for 267 days trying to make it across the Pacific. They also make note of a rower who had been at sea for 304 days in a small boat.

    Although there has been notes of the practicality and potential durability of it, I don't get the impression that this is a project for a production model made of balsa cored fiberglass or the like.

    I think it sounds like an interesting project and look forward to seeing some of the creativity and problem solving flow from those involved.

    Good luck with your dream venomousbird.
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    I hate to be a cynic--no wait I take that back--I like to be one!

    The most imaginative designs are invariably from those of little experience. The more experience one has, the more you tend to realize that boat design has evolved the way it has because what didn't work was eliminated. Darwinian theory works at sea as well.

    If you can come up with a design that bears no resemblance to anything out there, chances are it won't work.

    Now, to the design at hand:
    A fully enclosed boat, as watertight as a submarine may be safe, as long as you don't have to breathe, cook, or go to the toilet. In real life we need to do all of those things. The smallest boat I'd consider ocean worthy is a Bruce Bingham Flicka 20. This is a small heavy, expensive boat but has all the elements of a good offshore cruiser.

    Windsurfers have proven the effectiveness of a wing sail, canted to windward, so it generates some lift as well as forward drive. Your wings would generate some lift, I can't see how they would develop forward drive, at least upwind.

    Airplanes sitting on a runway in a headwind don't move into the wind. If the wind is strong enough they might leave the ground, but will blow backwards.

    Rowing is hard work. Yes, people have rowed across oceans, but even the slowest sailboat (see Flicka) is WAY faster.

    Assuming the wing sail worked when horizontal, how would you reef them when the wind is too strong?

    My boat has 2 x 75 watt solar panels which generate enough power in sunny weather to keep the beer cool. They cost about $1500. Three sets plus some AGM batteries (so you can run at night) and a trolling motor should be enough to push a 20' boat at about 2-3 knots, when the sun shines. The same money spent on mast and sails woul probably drive you faster, but still, if you can afford it a case can be made for a pure solar powered boat.

    But what happens in a storm? Just when you need extra power to keep the bow into the wind, the sun is hidden by black clouds, and the battery is dying...

    Diesel fuel is a way more efficient energy storage medium than batteries...the wind tends to blow in the open ocean.

    How much money do you have to spend on it?

    0-$10000 Forget about an ocean crossing boat.

    10,000 to 20,000 Some amazing voyages have been made in West Wight Potter 19s.

    20,000 to 30,000 Contessa 26 will take you around the world in safety and surprising speed.

    30,000 to 200,000 A wide variety of excellent good used and new production cruisers which will do the job are available.

    Got even more money? Hire a naval architect to design and engineer your dream boat.
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    Are you a prisoner of mediocrity? Do you want to go beyond what you are? May I suggest you to become the responsible and loving father of six children? I grant you mediocrity will be a very, very small concern in your live! This is a granted (and quite expensive) way to solve your dilemma. :D :D

    Search these forums for human powered boats, solar and waves propulsion, etc. You´ll find a wealth of information. Good luck with your project!

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    From a non-designers view, but more of a survivalists, how long could you expect to stay in a huge squall at sea when you really couldn't outrun it, or avoid it with the boats lack of speed? You would basically be consumed by it, and have to ride it out. Then think of the duration of such squalls if you are riding with it. Days maybe? A week? I think it would become a coffin, no human can endure that kind of exposure, laying down, being tossed about. It would be better to design a submarine that could dive below the fray!!
    Keep dreaming, when we stop dreaming, we stop living!
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    Try a submarine yacht...

    speed mean power... from wind or engine...
    The bigger the powerplant meaning more fuel u need to carry along.

    U can have a fat lady look like paris hilton:)

    U can instead buy a boat that carry your toys and play around the world. Buy a ex Tug boat , refit and recondition to fit all and carry your toys for the crazy journey.

    Is this mean to be leisure or survival inclined vessel?

    Or a world record breakin dart?

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    W.T.F.P ?
    (The first letter stands for What's - the last for Point)
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