The Diploma in Small Craft Surveying Delivered by Distance Learning

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    Commencing 22nd August 2006

    Lloyd's Maritime Academy, in partnership with The National Sea Training Centre, is pleased to announce details of the Second Diploma in Small Craft Surveying.
    In response to the increasing number of small craft and the high number of Marine Surveying Diploma students who wish to specialize in small craft surveying, Lloyd’s Maritime Academy have developed the Diploma which can be undertaken from any part of the world.
    The Diploma draws together the range of knowledge required by a competent small craft surveyor and focuses on topics of specific concern to this part of the surveying industry.
    For further details call Ken Lovegrove on +1 778 329 3248, email
    or visit
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    Yea I saw this some time ago to which I think its not a bad idea considering that you can learn yacht design via distance learning, also I have visited the University of WA website here in OZ to which that are considering at the moment of doing distance learning via the internet there degree course in navel archecture.
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