The December 2010 Issue of The Westlawn Masthead is Now Posted

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    The December 2010 issue of Westlawn Institute's free online journal, The Masthead, is now posted and ready for you.

    To read The Masthead, you must have a current version of ADOBE ACROBAT READER. (If The Masthead doesn’t load correctly, you probably need to download an up-to-date verion of Acrobat Reader. Go to: )

    Highlights in this edition:
    • Two Westlawn Alumni Win 2010 Design Awards
    • Two More Westlawn Alumni Contributed to Award-Winning Fire Boat Design
    • Westlawn at IBEX and METS
    • Westlawn Alumni/On the Drawing Board
    • Splashes / Martin Silverman's Spitfire 30
    • More Splashes / Dave Gerr's Offshore Skiff
    • Know-It-All Q & A
    • Westlawn Profiles David Pugh
    • Controlling Corrosion - Part 1
    • Book of Dave Martin Designs - Part 3
    • Continuing Education
    • Training Links & Events
    • Masthead Archives
    • Westlawn Information Page


    Two Westlawn Alumni Take Boat of the Year Awards
    Continuing decades of success in design competitions by Westlawn students and alumni, Gerry Douglas, president and chief naval architect of Catalina Yachts and Rodger Martin, of Rodger Martin Design, both had designs selected for awards 2010.

    Read the entire article in this issue.

    Controling Galvanic Corrosion
    By Dave Gerr
    It's a sad but inescapable fact that metals corrode in seawater. Corrosion problems lead to repairs. This adds up to down time and expense. Of course, some metals are more resistant to corrosion than others; but those that corrode least almost invariably cost most. Worse still, even highly corrosion resistant metals, like silicon bronze, 316 stainless steel, Monel, and Aquamet alloys, can corrode or cause other metals to corrode if they're all attached to the same hull underwater. Accordingly, it pays dividends-literally-to spend the time and money needed to understand and control corrosion before it starts controlling you.

    Read the entire article in this issue.

    Fire Boat Wins Workboat Award
    MetalCraft Marine was awarded the prestigious "Boat of the Year" from WorkBoat Magazine at the International Work-Boat Show, In New Orleans, on December 1, 2010, for the design and craftsmanship of their FireStorm 70 fire boat, built for Jacksonville Fire/Rescue. A principle member of the design team was Westlawn alumnus Ryan Hunter, who had an important role in the development of the 2009 version of this vessel, the first Firestorm 69 (also recognized as a "Great Boat of the Year" by Marine News Magazine in 2009). In 2010, the MetalCraft design team modified this to the Firestorm 70, with Ryan Hunter overseeing Westlawn Elements of Technical Boat Design graduate, Rami Laitila, who made the necessary changes for the new project.

    Read the entire article in this issue.

    The Book of Dave Martin Part 3
    By Dave Martin
    A New Hull Form for the New Century
    On this, my first design of the new millennium, I was determined to develop a new hull form that had a much smoother ride than my twentieth-century designs without losing any speed or fuel economy. Three models were made to 1/2":1' scale . . .

    The third model was an entirely new radical departure from anything previously done by me. It had considerably more deadrise than the other two models. There were two deep lift strakes with a 33-degree down angle. Both lift strakes were farther apart forward than they were aft.

    Read the entire article in this issue.
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    Dave Gerr
    Director, Westlawn Institute
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