The battery thread...some facts please

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    Electric drive

    Hi, I have my electric boat for 23 years now and it beats anything,
    I have been through most topics about batteries and motors and here it is. Colibri also has a diesel of you want to go fast(10 knots) when travelling far or from A-B. Colibri draws only 38 Amps at 24 Volt and goes 14 hours on that with 5,5 knots. the boat displaces a lot- about 3500 pounds. The batteries- 540 Ah at 24 V Go in there and read the specs on the blue series. Other batteries you have to charge 103%. These are happy with occasional and little charge. And- you can hook a nuclear power plant on them...
    The boat is former king Oscar IIs launch. He died in 1907. l 32' b 7', d 2'.
    Low speed is shunt/12 V and Champagne.
    I strongly advise anyone who uses the boat other than transportation from A to B to consider this.
    I should be happy to advise on construction.
    I don't have an URL on this and I wonder how i get pictures for you?
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