The Application of Design Planning Control in Shipyard Robotics

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    The Gulf Coast Region Maritime Technology Center and the NSRP Shipyard Production Process Technologies Panel are co-sponsoring a seminar on shipyard automation titled "The Application of Design Planning Control in Shipyard Robotics". The seminar will be will be held Wednesday, December 12 through Friday, December 14 in New Orleans. The session on Thursday will be held at the UNO/Northrop Grumman Maritime Technology Center of
    Excellence located at NG Avondale Shi-yards and will include robotic demonstrations and vendor displays. There is no charge for the seminar but you must pre-register to enter the shipyard. More information including registration instructions and a detailed agenda can be found at

    Four NSRP Ship Production Panels are holding meetings concurrent with the automation seminar:

    Shipyard Production Process Technologies
    Product Design and Material Technologies Panel
    Systems Technology Panel
    Product Design and Material Technologies Panel

    More information on these meetings, including hotel information, can be found at
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