The 3 Rivers Race

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    Tomorrow, At 11:00 on 4th June 2016, "THE 3 RIVERS RACE" Starts At Horning Sailing Club, on the Norfolk Broads (UK) for the 56th Time.

    The race is on a course of up to 54 miles, with A time limit of 24 hours from your start time.
    The number of entries varies, this year it's 98 boats in 13 starts at 5 minute intervals.
    There are 4 points you have to round / pass before you return to finish.
    You can go round the course in any order you like.
    The red dots are the normal points to round, the yellow are common Alternatives, although the turning point downriver of Acle bridge can come right up to the bridge.
    There are 4 Bridges to go under!!! you can paddle about 100 yards either side of each bridge, two of them are less than 100 yards apart so you can paddle between them, although the smart crews can get their rig up and down between them!!!
    If the wind is very light then the race officer will set a shortened course, but you still have the bridges to go under!!!

    Sailing Boats from 14ft to 40ft can enter.
    One River, the Ant is only about 30ft wide!!! As are some parts of the river down to South Walsham and up to Heigham Sound.
    One of the bridges is only 6ft 6 inches high!!!

    The rivers are Tidal, and can hit 3 mph in or out at certain places (particularly The Potter Heigham medieval small bridge).
    There is a tide time difference of over an hour from one part of the course to another!!
    There are about 10 Guardships each with their rescue boat around the course to which you have to report as you pass. I'm manning one of them.

    As you can see the is one of the toughest inland sailing races around, you have to correctly navigate the right course for the tide /wind, Avoiding Bridges, tourists in hired motor boats, and the river banks in the dark. Also out on the Broads (small lakes) the deep water channels are marked by telegraph poles painted green or red, they like catching mainsheets.

    The record for the course is about 7 hours in a Thames A rater, the worst only about 13 boats finished.
    Here's a few of links to various information on the race.

    The competitor logs are quite interesting and sometimes quite funny!

    A Sailing magazine report on last years race with pictures,

    We get entries from all over the UK, one club member used to come back from the USA or Hong Kong, we had a group of Canadians enter last year they didn't make it round.

    One boat company will hire you a traditional boat for the race,
    They must be mad!!!
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