Tell Me How You'd Do These Windows...

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by snowbirder, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. snowbirder

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    I have *flat* surfaces with holes cut in them for windows.

    There is no lip, no indent around the hole to recess anything. Just absolutely flat, painted fiberglass.

    I'd like them to open like these, but I have only a flat surface, not the recessed lip for the gasket. Was thinking of running a gasket on the flat and having the window proud.

    How would you do it?

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  2. waikikin
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    I'd leave them fixed, & use overhead hatches for ventilation, they can scoop half a gale in when only cracked a couple of inches, those big windows aint gunna be easy to seal if opening, seen a couple of times a small hatch set into a window too.
  3. PAR
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    Mold or cast a rim, lip, recess or whatever. Alternatively you can make a frame, say with aluminum angle or channel stock, ditto with wood. Laying a gasket on the surface with some hinged glazing will do, though it'll probably leak, if water is driven hard. Ideal port frames force the water to make hard turns, to breach the sealing approaches.
  4. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    Some very good input. Thanks, guys.

    I'm picturing a nearly windless day at anchor. One of the hottest, sunniest days of the year.

    My thought is that overhead hatches and sealed main windows will not do much other than act as a greenhouse on those days. That all around opening windows will allow heat, in that case, to escape by convection alone with large opening windows, while no holes overhead keeps the sunlight out.

    So thinking about how they will probably leak, I'm thinking back to a window frame design on Catalac catamarans. It was simply a piece of glazing you dropped intoma frame that had a built in gutter. They were supposed to leak, then simply shed the water right back out. Worked like a charm!!


    Maybe I could take a page from that, have a gasket on the flat and a simple gutter inside to allow any drips to drain back out?

    A thought, anyway.
  5. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    Note: I also have a forward cockpit access door to open, so not all the windows would be opening. Just 2 out of 4 front ones.

  6. Marmoset
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    I'm totally stabbing here, but would it make more sense to have 4 windows open a little to get what you need, or 2 that open more? Just total hunch on my part that less is more in terms of rain or splash factor. And in any case I would think with splash and gravity in account, a vertical opening would make more sense than a top or bottom allowing more water to just run down a rail and out bottom, versus being funneled by glass top or bottom. I'm sure par would have a better answer to all this.

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