Technician Engine Analysis Checklist-or- Pre purchase check list

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    Technician Engine Analysis Checklist

    An engine analysis is an advanced system of inspecting our boats drive train. We perform these tests to help catch pending mechanical issues before we leave the dock. An analysis is much more comprehensive than a typical “pre-departure peak” at the engine. We are going to not only visually inspect our engine, but also take a series of measurements that become our baseline for future tests. Our goal is use this engine analysis as a system to help make easy informed decisions about our boats drive system.

    To begin you should have on-hand as much of the following as possible:

    * · Camera
    * · Notepad
    * · Your collection of electrical meters
    * · A 0-3 bar pressure gauge (if your engine has a turbo)
    * · An infer red temperature gauge
    * · Any other special tools you might have
    * · A few rags, and spray ...

    For the rest of the free article and photos see ...

    Note- I just tried to post this article in sailboats till I saw the "Diesel" section. Pleas excuse the double post.
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    Nice post there mate, I am sure that basic info will help many new boater.

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