Tech Samudra 2012 - Conference on Technology of the Sea

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    The complete proceedings of a very recent Indian conference named
    "Tech Samudra 2012" are now available in the
    International Journal of Innovative Research and Development,
    Vol. 1, No 10, Dec. 2012.
    See: Samudra-2012_Vol 1 Issue 10_Updatted Copy.pdf
    (It is one pdf, about 25 Mb).

    There are a lot of papers on many aspects of hydrodynamic modelling, ship
    design and operation.

    I can't attest to the quality of the papers, but I do admire the taste of
    Messrs Chavali Revathi and Md. Kareem Khan, whose paper seems to contain
    long slabs of text, completely unaltered, from papers by me and/or E.O. Tuck ;)
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