Teak Deck adhesives

Discussion in 'Materials' started by mjkkemper, Apr 28, 2015.

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    question. I did search on here for what types of adhesive to use for adhering a teak deck to fiberglass (actually poly-gelcoat) . Seems like epoxy is common. I came across a product from Teak Deck systems - TDS FITTING EPOXY (FE180A). a bit more that epoxy. Its a more of a teak deck for cosmetics so would a Polyester resin thicken with micro-balloon's work? Or would this be a bad idea and it would delaminate off the fiberglass over time?

    If using epoxy do you thicken it with anything?

    Thank's hope I am not asking a question that has been asked a million times
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    Teak is fastened to a substrate. The only time it's glued is when the teak is a veneer, in which case polyurethane is the usual choice. The TDS epoxy is a modified resin to improve it's elongation properties. In fact, I'll bet it's a rebadged product, as I don't think they're formulating their own version.

    Polyester will not hold teak for very long. If the teak stock is 3/8" or less, it's a veneer. If it's thicker, it's a plank and should be fastened. Any marine epoxy will do and at $115 a gallon, it's pretty expensive goo from TDS. Yes, it'll need to be thickened if making your own goo. System Three, West System and other formulators are marketing lower modulus, elongation epoxies, pre-thickened, if you want to save the bother of making your own.
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    I have used elastometers (flexible goo) with better results than epoxy. They have longer work time and don't need to be mixed. Sika makes some products specifically for teak.
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