tax dollars wasted on a swath vessel.

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by lobsterman, Nov 6, 2015.

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    To paraphrase the GEICO commercial: if you're a government you waste money: it's what you do....
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    But I guess the workers got paid and they in turn paid taxes and bought things...

    And how much has been spent on the nuclear deterrent, and how often has that been used?

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    The other day I observed that thanks to the way our government "manages" the currency that, per CPI, today's Dollar is worth half of the 1987 Dollar, which was half of the 1976 Dollar, half of the 1957 Dollar, half of the 1940 Dollar, which was 71% of the 1913 Dollar.

    Of course the good news is that means boating hasn't really gotten so astoundingly more expensive than it once was (26.8 "average" cent gas in 1957 = $2.14 gas now).

    The bad: fiat currency (not just the Dollar) is at best like a slow motion train wreck, central banks hates savers, and a "strong" currency is like the swimmer likely to drown last....
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    Then you need to buy it.
    What is your alternate plan?

    At least if it is going to the Philippine Rec Cross it will probably get use that's not against the interest of the US.

    That report is really just hysteria. Any decent article would tell us "why" the USG did not ever use it - or what they did to test it.
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    Like rw said. People got employed and suppliers sold products. 85 mil is a drop in the ocean for the u s economy. They probably waste more than that every day.
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