Tank testing for amateurs

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Alwaysthinking., Oct 30, 2019.

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    BlueBell Ahhhhh...

    One could tie the tow line to a waist belt or perhaps a waterski handle.
    The board will need to be loaded up with boarder, PFD, and kit.

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    I'd think for power boat the suction/thrust of prop would be a big factor, and for sailboats you'd need to not just pull the boat from something close to center of sail energy, but also some side thrust to simulate wind force. IIRC any diagram of vectors for sailboat includes things like upward thrust from the now angled keel being pushed sideways by wind. Seems like with either power or sail you might as well build a "working model" with either power or sails. Then again, I've never heard of any windtunnel testing for anything except for a plane that had just lost power. lol. Maybe not too much diff in jets, but for a prop plane where the prop wash hits the tail?
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