tall stories in short supply

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by 2020, Aug 2, 2007.

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    Tom Thumb is definately, along with Bristol channel cutters, Cape George cutters, and Amigos, for instance, livaboard by design. Some other boats, such as Rozinantes, Alerions, J-24s, etc. etc., have cabins, but the cabin is secondary to other features. Such boats are meant to be sailed from the cockpit, and not the cabin.
    I would not consider (having owned a head-smasher myself) ever living aboard a boat that had no standing headroom anywhere (rainy day standing).
    That is why I am hesitant about a Dory under 32 feet, because only when that boat reaches a certain length does the overhead get above my head (I'm 5' 8").
    Crouching aboard is not living aboard.

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    project underway

    Thank you all for your contributions. We have finished our final briefing with the selected naval architect, I am delighted to report he has also spent quite some time speaking with/ researching design aspects of "higher height and length ergonomics" and is now fully aware the ramifications extend beyond just putting in a bit more headroom.
    He's just a tad over 6 foot and had considered himself tall, but when running the numbers through his designer / engineer programs; was surprised at the affect on some basic stability, windage, sail/sea performances of just the few extra inches.
    If there's any interest, I could post some of the results as engineered designs come to hand.
    again to all a big thank you.
    ps: anyone out there any good with a welder?
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    Well, I'm 6'-3" and I just turn them upside down!
    Some of them even like it.:D

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    Now if you could get women to like it too...
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