Take at this water line, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by gow153, Nov 3, 2009.

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    It appears to sit high but some hard-chined boats will look that way. The boat may also be in light condition, with no fuel, water, stores, and crew. It's hard to say. Often a well designed cruiser will sit rather high until loaded, indicating that the boat has a good carrying capacity for extended cruising.
    Most important is that it was designed by a knowledgable designer, something you should investigate.
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    Jacques and Joel are very approachable, call them.
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    If it handles as well as claimed, it should be a steal. That is a big if from what I can see. It looks like it will be very tender and I doubt ballast will make it a lot better. For everyone's sake, I would hope to be wrong, but that is what I see.
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    What I know about the design, that is her load water line as seen in the picture on ebay.


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    The trim in the photo is far different than the trim in the drawing, this may just be the 400+ pounds of people in the cockpit. This will be the problem with any hull this fine aft, trim will be excessive as people move around.

    Perhaps it could be mitigated with movement of the fuel, I don't know where the tanks are in this boat, hopefully below the sole. It looks like they could be moved forward to correct the static trim. But this will decrease the waterplane area aft, decreasing stability and increasing trim problems as folks move around the boat.


    She looks really unhappy, too high and narrow. Adding 600-1000 pounds forward of the main bulkhead might help.

    Vertical height is directly related to beam, especially waterline beam. It's easy to forget when drawing the profile.

    Current bid is at $5500, the motor is probably worth that.
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