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Tackle Box /Fuel Locker/Cubby

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Cliff, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Cliff
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    Cliff Junior Member

    I just had this made for my J 29 to get the Fuel tank off the floor. My whole goal was to get the tank off the floor and to not have a portable tank down below becuase of fumes and I did not want to install a permenant tank because of weight. This gives me the best of both world's with being able to have a 6 gallon tank for deliveries and switching it out with a small tank and small motor for racing. With this set up I can switch out between a 6 gallon tank or a 3 gallon tank and just disconnect the fuel line from the tank and motor and store both down below and leave the fuel line in place. I will drill a hole in the box and then run the fuel line out the transom so it gives a nice clean look. When the motor and fuel tank are down below I could then drop in a cooler. Weight of the Fuel Cubby is 14 lbs not much to really worry about. Measuremeant's for the cut out are 15 inch deep. 24 ¾ wide and 12 ¾ tall. With the Mounting flange being 27" wide by 15" tall. This could also be used for tackle boxes or cooler's. Price is $250.00 Shipped to lower 48 states. E Mail me for more info cliffruckstuhl@att.net.


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