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    Well thank you for the response
    i've decided that i'll start at The Lyme Regis International School of Boatbuilding on the short course to have a small taste of the labour and understanding of the basics , my goal is to become a multihull designer , so far i think the newfoundland college is the best way to go since my budget is sort of restricted has anyone attented that school or heard something about it ?
    or even lived in that area ?
    about the drafting isn't all done on computers this day ?
    i worked for a short while at an architect studio and i didn't even touch a pencil , i know that isn't exactly the same but ....
    well thanks
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    in regards

    to the what to study message
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    I am a graduate of The Marine Institute in St. John's, Nfld. They are now mostly geared towards big steel construction (not the case when I graduated in 1983), but there are several instructors on staff who have extensive experience in small craft and sail. You could do worse than this school. They have a distinct advantage of being associated with Memorial U. which has a noted mechanical engineering faculty and CCORE (Centre for Cold Ocean Research & Engineering) which has the largest and most sophisticated towing tank in the world for ice research.

    Yes, most drafting is done on computers, but that doesn't negate your need to know how to create a drawing - it is just a more sophisticated pencil. You still have to know the proper conventions for orthographic projection, dimensioning and tolerencing, drawing layout & organization, drafting symbols, etc. etc.
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