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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by idkfa, Sep 26, 2011.

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    What about specifying an auxiliary? At 220kg it is a hell of a lump to manhandle over a beach, and around here there are plenty of slips that you can't sail away from (too much tidal current). Not sure I'd put it in the rules, but what's the consensus?
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    I don't think it needs to be specified-but if it was, I'd say Div 2 only.

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    If we keep it bare boat and sails only then its up to the owner to do a little research and come up with what they want. Yes almost certainly in the UK a little out board or electric trolling engine would be carried but thats going to change from country to country and coast to coast depending on whats available.

    If we set up the class as boat only and allow local rules at X club in X country, then the extras across X club will sort themselves.

    We can be totally beguiled by this weight thing but at the sort of level we would be racing at then a difference of 50 kgs between boats would not be unusual, the crew alone could account for that.

    With the high spread of weight on such a short hull, I would suspect we will not see narrow hull racing style boats other than strict one off racers in Div 1, rather fatter more broad hulls that will carry load and yet still be fast enough in the light to be good fun boats when carrying the family and picnic on day jaunts.

    If you want to be totally pedantic about equality of weight then the only real way to go is One Design.
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