system reqs for Prosurf 3

Discussion in 'Software' started by Psycho D, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. Psycho D
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    Psycho D Junior Member

    i am about to order a new laptop and i want to make sure that it is powerful enough to run Prosurf. So far i have put together a Dell with a Pentium 4, 2.66 GHz procesor, 512 MB RAM, and a 60 GB hard drive. No other features seemed relevent to this question. Will this system handle Prosurf w/o difficulty? i could not find the system reqs on the website, so i figured that this would be the next best place to ask (on a Sunday). Thanks.
  2. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Yes, I believe that will be a very very nice computer to run ProSurf on. One question - even though the Ram is plenty for today, for future software, can you upgrade it to 1 GB later on? Probably so, but it's worth asking.
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