SY38 Teak deck removal, toerail problem

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by SwedenYachtsDaniel, Aug 28, 2018.

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    Im removing the teakdeck on my SwedenYachts 38. And I will replace it Awlgrip nonskid ore something similar . The teak is removed from the cabin top, that was straight forward . But i have not started on the sides of the deck. The problem is that the teak goes under the toerail.
    I have added a real life picture and 3 "drawings" .

    Im considering two options:

    1: leave about 5 cm of teak and then glass from the deck , over the teak and over the alu toerail. Then I won't have a problem with water standing in a joint on low spots trying to get in between hull, teak and toerail.

    2: Remove the teak deck out to the toerail. and the just one layer of glass out to the edge . Easier way to do it. Maybe better ?

    (red line in "drawings is the layer of glassfiber I will be adding)

    Thankful for any advice ..

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    IMO the last option would be the best choice.
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