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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by toolsinbox, Sep 23, 2010.

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    I just got a new under-mount retractable boarding ladder, with three steps.. I am going to build a swim platform out of foam and fiberglass. Looking at this ladder two problems come to mind and I was wondering if anyone ran into these before.

    First is the ladder came with a velcro strap that holds the thing from extending when you dont want it to. It is not long enough and getting a longer one is no problem but am I to understand that a velcro strap is strong enough under all the water pressure? Second is; even with the ladder all strapped up it sure seems like it will rattle like heck and drive me nuts.

    I was wondering if anyone has made any mods to this type of ladded or has any suggestions. thanks very much all.
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    Ladder should be high enough that water does not hit it. On noise.... Your engine noise will be higher than rattle noise when cruising. Make sure ladder is long enough that you have at least two steps if not three underwater. You may want to get ladder with one more step.
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    I allready have the ladder and i am sure at least two steps will be in the water and when moving out from a stand still and comming off plane it will be displacing water. Maybe it wont -- look at the pic a see what you think
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    mounting ladder

    It looks to me like the ladder is designed to slide into the frame when not in use. The frame should be almost parallel with the water so there will be no drag. Rather than adding a swim platform why don't you build it into the existing rear deck. Something like the attached picture, depending on your running gear and the sturcture of the aft deck it does not have to be centered.

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    if or if not the ladder wil hit the water can be measured, if you like with a box
    higher and nicer would be building the ladder into the platform as a drawer
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