Swim Ladders for Trimarans

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Time2Tri, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Buying a 1993 Crowther Buccaneer 33 next month and am curious for some swim ladder ideas. (Love to swim,snorkel) Transom mounts aren't going to work as I have a outboard runner. Ideally some solid Mount near the main hull makes sense. Possibly something that could make boarding from the dink easier also seems like a thought. Did I mention that I'm no longer as agile and weigh 275 lbs dry?

    Thinking of naming her Time2Tri also...(first and prob last Tri)....
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    Did you ever work anything out? Taking a quick look at Bucc 33 pics it seems a ladder set up on the aft beam next to the main hull pivoting aft like a outboard sled would work. Cables to stop the swing at the right angle when down and a tackle or line to raise it. In fact you might want that line ending in a cam cleat hanging down over the side a couple feet so you could drop the ladder if you jumped in while it was still up.
    A funny notion is the same idea but more of a hollow ramp that is able to float. If it was 3 feet wide, 1 foot deep the end would submerge a couple feet to handle more than 300 pounds. In fact you could make it a custtom decked dinghy scow for a double duty dink with the front end able to unhook from the front beam. 4 feet wide would be very stable.
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