Sweat equity, boat up grades and repairs.

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    Hello boat builders and handy men,
    I have just bought a 2 yo, beautiful, very comfortable and extremely fast Stealth 12.6 by Asia Catamarans (performance sailing cat). It's a great boat but has been set up for very successful racing and short term cruising by the previous owner. I need to up-grade her to long range tropical ocean going as well as making a number of improvements.
    As I don't have much time for doing the work myself, I am looking for someone to do it. There is a lot of work to do for all trades skills. All pretty interesting stuff, nothing too demanding.
    I will provide the tools, parts, local workforce, accommodation and basic food in beautiful Phuket, Thailand. Provided the candidate has the right skipper and composite building skills I will exchange boat use for days worked. A boat like mine will bareboat charter for 800 to 1300 USD per day depending on the season. After the upgrades even more.
    Once the boat upgrades are finished I am planning to sail from Phuket to southern Philippines visiting the best spots along the way. The boat will be then based in southern Philippines on the doors steps of one of the best cruising area in the world.
    The right person with some time in his hand can get an amazing cat use for many beautiful days of cruising in some of the best spots in the world.
    As I work 4 weeks on 4 weeks off I can only use the boat half the time. This make it easy for someone else to use the boat.
    The ratio of boat use versus days work depends on the candidate boat building ability and can be up to 1 to 1.
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