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Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by callijcc, Jun 26, 2008.

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    Is it possible to replace a mercury 175hp jet engine with a prop engine? We have had nothing but trouble with jet engine and I am really sorry that is what we got. We have a 2004 Sugarsand Mirage. Have had the impeller and wear rings replaced, just to suck up more debris and have the same problem all over again. I guess what I am wondering is will the design of the boat accomodate a prop engine?
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    Replacing the wear ring and impeller is one thing, but converting to a stern drive is quite something else. You need a complete Alpha-1 drive with transom housing and hydraulic unit, the transom must be closed where the jet pokes out now and a new hole has to be cut above the old one. The engine must be moved a little over 1 ft towards the stern. Most probably the stringer isn't wide enough so another one has to be laminated on the bottom.
    Selling the boat and buying something with a stern drive seems a lot cheaper to me.
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    Or glass it all up and glue on an outboard bracket. Don't forget to reinforce the transom to accomidate the weight of the new motor.

    Jet hulls work great as prop driven hulls, the inverse is not always true.

    What grill have you got on the Sportjet? Mercury does do what they call a 'stone grate', which is supported front and rear, made of stainless, and the bars are way closer together to stop debris getting through.
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