Swain BS_36 Stability curve

Discussion in 'Stability' started by junk2lee, Mar 9, 2011.

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    One thing that stands out in this stability thread is the lack (silence) of BS36 - or any other BS boat for that matter - owners in this regard. Not a single one has responded.....:eek:

    Boatdesign forum is the most active and busiest boating forum on the internet bar none and surely origami owners would have read some of the posts and threads listed here re their boats or heard from someone about it.
    But silence is also an answer and I for one would not shout to the world "hey, you guys are right all along...." or tell people I was gullible and believed all the mambo jumbo BS had fed me - or I could have built something worthwhile instead.

    This thread started with some unbelievable claims made by a BS groupie, and has been challenged and many produced worthwhile and factual calculations in this regard, however, the only person whom had not produced any thing worthwhile or calculations, lines etc called for, is the one making the loudest noises about it, Brent Swain.
    He hijacked the thread with his usual ramble, going into other issues not even closely related to the thread at hand or stability, like my preference in building materials for instance. Northam summed it up nicely a few posts back.

    I believe the time has come to call on Jeff like a few has already asked for previously to cull and prune this tread of all irrelevant posts not applicable to stability of the said boat in question and make the stipulation that only directly related stability postings be allowed.
    BS is getting a lot of mileage out of this thread by deflecting real issues with his usual rant to get away from that and to use the content with his usual selective warping thereof to make professionals look stupid to promote his boat.
    Worst part though, the uninformed/laymen are very easy to convince with stupidity as they know no better...and herein lies BS marketing agenda:(

    To quote from Northam's post;

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    Mike, that would really make for interesting reading. I have no doubt that many people do some serious sailing with a BS boat, but it would be nice to get some first hand experiences to know what's what.
    The same goes for the "torture tests" Brent is so fond of referring to.



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    With no new substantive posts regarding stability in the last several pages, and it seems no owners of the actual boat in question here to provide more data, it's probably time to draw this thread in the stability forum to a close. If additional data becomes available to take the original topic and stability calculation further, it can be reopened, or new threads started to address other specific stability questions.
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