Suzuki DT140 2-Stroke Black oil appearing in the Exhaust Water

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by taoss, May 7, 2007.

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    taoss New Member

    Hi Chaps :)

    I wonder if you can help me with a small issue.... I've recently purchased an Glastron Spirit 165 SE with Outboard Suzuki DT140 (think the year is 1981) The engine hasn’t been started or used for about 2 years, so I did the obvious services, GB oil, new 2stroke oil, fresh fuel, new impeller, Spark plugs etc etc etc....... I managed to get her started yesterday and she sounds great.... one thing that is giving me a bit of worry at the moment during the testing out of water (with Water Mufflers fitted) I appear to be getting some 2 Stroke oil from the Exhaust along with the coolant water and gases..... Is this normal, I am a bit worried about continuing to start her until I am assured that this is not a problem... I don’t believe this is gear box oil as I've just changed it and it is a maple syrup colour and not the black oil I am seeing from the exhaust..... I would like to power her out of idle to see if is disappears but until I get an answer one way or the other I am going to resist the urge as I don’t want to make things worse.... Also of note is that initially I had trouble getting the engine primed with Petrol so there was a period where I was turning the engine over but no fuel was getting through... so I thought that maybe the 2-Stroke oil has been injected into the Cylinder and this may account for the oil seen the exhaust waste..... But I've checked the spark plugs after several starts and they appear to be as clean as the time I installed them....

    Any Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks Aaron. UK
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    suond tome as if just to rich on oil fuel mix
    the correct oil and mix should make this go away have seen this many times but almost alway with cheap oil and on motor used for trolling for long periods of time
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    pfridays Suzywiz

    Exhaust slobber. If it hasn't been run for 2 years CLEAN out the carbs. One of them probably has a sticky float and who knows if a main jet is half plugged which WILL burn a cylinder if you go run it for too long. Better safe than sorry. I've been a dealer since '82 and i've seen alot of 'sorry' ...Phil
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