Sustainable Human powered foiling

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jakeeeef, Oct 2, 2021.

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    I'd still like to know how much buoyant lift the foil and structure volume provides.
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    Static buoyancy is clearly a negative number; notice they've provided it with a flotation buoy to keep it from sinking completely to the bottom. It's all made of aluminum.

    In operation, they hit a sweet spot for sure; you see a guy pushing off a dock with it and at that point he's not going much more than walking speed, but it gives full lift; that's about 3mph.
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    Full dynamic foil support of man plus machine at 3 mph ..and the ability to sustain 3 mph+ plus is definitely impressive. I know my old self won't be attempting to fly one of those.
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    Looks like some vigorous pumping followed by some coasting with the aquaskipper, just wonder if that output level can be sustained like on a regular bicycle at say 10-15 mph, for 1 hour or 4 hours by the average physically fit person?
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    I don't know if this Youtube video has been mentioned in the thread. I wouldn't imagine that a human powered boat could foil for long but this one seems to get out of the water with some effort and stays there a while....
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    That is exactly what we were talking about, and no we hadn't seen it. Thanks!

    Unfortunately, that one video is all that exists of the channel and it is six years old.

    Maybe this is where they went: Resources – Human Powered Hydrofoil (
    This is everything I have found and more...
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    This is informative - a human powered race over 10km, featuring (at least )2 foiling and other non foiling vessels. The comments are also informative. Without the metrics its hard to conclude a great deal, but possibly the larger foils used to allow sustained flight over 10km induce additional drag such that they don't achieve a great deal more speed than the non foiling boats.

    The video also links to this site, with 26 commercial and one off human powered foilers. Fill yer boots:

    Human Powered Hydrofoil
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