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Discussion in 'Software' started by IPirates, Sep 2, 2012.

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    Please make a suggestion whats the best way of forming ships surface in case of skeg and bulbos bow??
    Which software is likely to use ?
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    I would do different surfaces. One for the hull, another surface to the skeg and another one for the bulb.
    I think the best software for you is that to you like better.
    In my case, I generate the frames in 3D with AutoCAD. Using the commands in this application I generate surfaces based on the frames, and exporte them in igs format to Maxsurf.
    To me this gives very good results and I do it very quickly and accurately. But others will think different things.
    It is also true that the process can be very different depending on the final software, for calculations, you want to use. With Maxsurf, in my opinion, is particularly difficult to create the model, so you need more complicated process than with other applications.
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