Superyacht Interior fitout project manager vacancy

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by swabbie, May 13, 2009.

  1. swabbie

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    Aussie recruiter Command Group is currently advertising for Superyacht fitout project manager for Asia based company.

    The company is not in Asia its Greenline Interiors in Dubai, so why the deception and is this acceptable representation.

    If the deception starts at the application where does it end.
  2. insider
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    insider Junior Member

    hahahaha, I believe Greenline is more busy in filling their positions than actually doing jobs. No yachting company in the world can be so busy that they always need projectmanagers. When you speak with project managers from Dutch shipyards, they are always more than ten years at the companies. And where are the best yards in the world?
  3. Russian
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    Russian Junior Member


    Is this the position you are talking about ?
    This says "Dubai"-
    I found this on the Command Recruitment Australia website.

    Job Search Results << Back to Search Results

    Luxury Super Yacht Project Management Firm based in Dubai is seeking experience construction professionals with hands on experience in HIGH END FITTING OUT Projects.

    Previous experience working on Luxury Yachts and Private Jets would be preferred for these positions.

    We are seeking :

    Senior Project Managers x 2
    Design Co Ordinator x 1
    Site Managers x 3
    Please include salary expectations and your current or previous benefits.
  4. swabbie

    swabbie Previous Member

    Thats the same advert and it has been adjusted to their credit.

    A colleague in the industry contacted them over the misrepresentation, their reason..protecting their own interests.

    It seems they have had another look at their standards of professional conduct and done the right thing.
  5. Gypsie
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    Gypsie Randall Future by Design

    We could all form a club: Ex GL Fitout Managers, I am sure there would be many and with some stories to tell.
  6. Padmagireesan
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    fitout project manager for Asia based company.

    Dear sir,
    Dear Sir I am an Diploma Holder In Mechanical,Passed out in 1973,Aged 57 Having experience in Planning and Production control,Estimation ;Tendering,Vendordevelopment (Indigenous and Imported).Material management,Project management and Technical data entry. Fields- Fibreglass Boats and products,Aluminium Kitchens/Windows/Doors,Wooden furnitures and Shiprepair. I Would be thankful for your consideration against the subject post.
    Thanks and Best regards Dear Sir

    Tel:00 91 484 2322085

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  7. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    I agree with your statement about Greenline!
    And where are "Lürssen" "Abeking & Rasmussen" "Blohm & Voss" ??? Have a look at the worlds Megayacht toprankings.

  8. Rigger
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    Rigger New Member

    You totally right , Insider, they look for project managers, leaders and so on all over the world since long time but,.....I don't really know if they found,....... not yet.....
  9. wardd
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    dear sir

    i know next to nothing about building boats but this is an advantage as i'll work for cheap and whats more important building a good boat or the bottom line?


  10. RHP
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    RHP Senior Member

    I dunno mate but it looks like this Indian chappie will give you a hand......
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