SuperFoiler 2018-2019 Season

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Doug Lord, Nov 24, 2018.

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    I've searched a lot for an in depth story on the SuperFoiler saga-something that ties in the problems in the business end with an analysis of the super tech used on these boats but no luck yet. Sorry for the people that are getting hurt but I want to thank everybody responsible for the concept for some fantastic sailing video and for the exciting use of electronics in the sailing of the boat. Looking forward to learning more about how it all came together--and how it came apart..
    Good luck to all involved!
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    Corley epoxy coated

    It was a good effort by all involved, I'd love to hear more about that too. Too bad the business end of the deal hasn't panned out.
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    It is "Festival de Lorient -MacAllan" , a bi sponsoring , Festival de Lorient is a Celtic musical and cultural event, and MacAllan a Scottish whisky brand
    It is a Marc Lombard 1985 catamaran, still sailing :
    Document sans titre

    About French sailing scene : all the story is due to Eric Tabarly stunning achievements , who set a kind of tryptic : Innovation, Ocean crossing, singlehandling. Éric Tabarly was also the high level sailing school for the first generation of our pro sailors, all more or less begun as a crew on board Tabarly boats .This tryptic is still the "ultim" goal of any current French pro sailor from their first tacks on Optimist, still very popular and the reference for the public, and still a strong attraction and affordable for sponsors, mostly small to medium companies likely without international activity (Banque Populaire is ranked 7th in our national banks, and without international branch to my knowledge). We had also some olympic gold medalists in Tornado or in windsurf, they are completely unknown for the mass public. We had also some Cup America.s tentatives, but it is definitely not our sailing culture, not the ambition of our pro sailors, no attraction at all for our sponsors who see that as too much money for too low reward (in France), neither attraction for our very wealthy who don't want to show off that kind of spending.

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    Here are some technical details of the Superfoiler design from Morrelli and Melvin:
    PS-don't think I knew that the SuperFoiler used differential rudder lift for xtra RM...Knew that the AC 50's did.

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