Supercavitating windsurfer fin

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Matt Lingley, May 9, 2007.

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    I dont have much knowlege about supercavitating foils, although have a rough idea how they work.
    I was wondering if ther would be any advantage to having a supercavitating fin on a windsurfer for speed sailing, as surely it would be more difficult to spin out with a foil that shape at high speeds and loadings. I'm kinda thinking of V section, like a cleaver prop with the pointy end forwards, but how thick to make it I dont know. Would assume some kind of heavily swept back planform? Would a fin of this type be so poor at low speeds you would never get going at all?
    Does anyone have any experience with these sorts of things? Has it been done before?
  2. Doug Lord

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    Why don't you PM "BOOGIE"; he's a member and an expert on windsurfer foil design and construction. Also did you read Tom's response on Longshot?
    Or just build one and try it?
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