Super Capacitors

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Doug Lord, Jan 13, 2009.

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    I'm not sure about radial-polarity, but I just remembered a way to prove the existence of mag. fields around a circ. (clockwise, or counter-clockwise) polarity magnet....early transformers. In early transformers, donut-shaped ferrous cores were wound with differing numbers of wraps of field-inducing (power source) or field-harvesting (altered output). The fact that these worked, and would unmistakeably HAVE to create a circular-polarized mag. field, proves to me that the field-effect of a circ.-polarized magnet extends outside of the magnetic material.

    That said, I'll stick with my circ-polar magnets for generating spin in a brushless motor, for now at least, or until experimentation proves me wrong. ;)
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    I have used thousands of ferrite "pot cores" in my radio and inverter power supply designs and the field is undetectable outside of the magnet; that is the reason for using them.
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    Like ancient kayaker pointed out, the field of a pot core cannot be detected: it is completely contained within the ferrite core. The same goes for ring core transformers and other wound-core designs. Only cheaply built transformers with welded together iron cores have part of their field outside. The direction and strength of the field follows the rules given by Faraday and Maxwell, no matter which core construction is used (even without one).
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    CDK, I was hoping they would drop everything and actually build it. "Hmmm, I guess we had ought to actually study magnetics, then try again. Uh, oh, there´s a lot of laws and theorems and **** here..."
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    well i am less than convinced it will work or i would likely make one
    so no wories
    it was just some fool thing i dreamed up years ago

    got my arm in a sling so forgive my worse than typically horrible typing skills

    I was hoping at the time to create a way to take advantage of a rare earth magnets properties in kind of passive electrical generation
    and keep the thing magnetic by combining solar cells with the production technique to align the dipoles in the first place

    i wanted to store the electricity in the motion of the flywheel by slowly but consistently keeping pressure on the body forcing the armature to spin faster and faster through the field

    that, if it works would degrade the magnets
    so i tried to dream up a way to "charge" the magnets
    that's about the time I thought of using solar cells in some way

    hey Jim
    could a coil like whats on a old car be used to wind up the juice from a solar cell to charge a cap to then zap the magnet to help keep it "charged"
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    OK, if a new crazy idea emerges I will encourage the "inventor" to actually try it.

    There is a simple way to make a magnetic construction rotate or move. You must use ferrite magnets with a low Curie point. By selective heating one magnet and shielding the other, you have a simple albeit slow hot air engine that could recover energy from exhaust gases.
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    But you are talking about an active system with outside influence (made me think, how´s BMW capturing exhaust heat for added power?). I did some work with induced fields and quasi-stability in levitation (it has to be moving. Talking induced field mag-lev) on an invention of MINE and gave up until I was more prepared. I´m still not there, but have first-hand experience in being defeated by Earnshaw´s theorem and more and more appreciation of how difficult it is to go from "that should happen" to working mechanism and the doers who actually get somewhere...Also, those interested in magnetics take my word that NIB and SmCo will pinch flesh OFF and SmCo will easily shatter and threaten to blind. This stuff is not for the timid. Halbach arrays are cool and worth studying to excersize the mind and appreciate smart people, too.
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    AP News, Feb 16, 2019: Two motorists died in Stockholm today, when their cars were involved in a collision. The collision damage was minor, only involving the fender of one car and the door panel of the other, but both drivers were electrocuted when the supercapacitors built into their car bodies were suddenly short-circuited and discharged.
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    Oh goodie. World energy problems solved all at once. I tried to find a report by the Philippines department cited, but couldn't find it anywhere. Anyone have any thought on if this might be a scam of some sort? If not then I would like to send them all my money from the Nigerian Prince that contacted me to help pay for further research.
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