Suitable Book for Small Power Boat Design

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    Hi guys
    Im intending on designing myself an 8 meter (26 foot) power boat sport fisher with Jet propulsion.
    Im a boat builder and marine draftsman for 15 years but not a naval architect.
    Can anyone recommend a book or books suitable to help me out in designing this type of craft?
    Im thinking a book dedicated to small powerboat design would be suitable and perhaps chapter or two on jet propulsion.
    Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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    Hi Marshmat, thanks for your reply.
    The sort of literature im looking for is specifically on hull design, hydrodynamics, stability, weights, the purposes of different underwater appendages such as spray rails, chine’s and all the things that make up a powerboat or planning hull.
    Im not a sailor so not interested in round bilge design specifics as such.
    Im very proficient in the manufacturing side of boats due to my trade as a boat builder and software knowledge is not a problem due to my drafting career.
    It’s the theory in hull design I need to learn. All the stuff a Naval architect typically knows but I want to make sure im not killing time learning things I don’t need to know like round bilge design, displacement hull design or tanker design.
    I hope this explanation helps you get a better understanding of what im after.
    I will do some digging into the books you suggest, thanks for your suggestions.

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    Timm Senior Member

    There are very few books dealing with planing hulls. Other than the couple already mentioned, you may want to find a copy of High Speed Small Craft by Peter DuCane.

    I once asked my teacher at The Landing School why there were so few books on powerboat design. His answer was the powerboat guys were too busy working to write a book! With things as slow as they are at the moment, maybe a few of us need to work on a book!
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